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entry Jun 6 2008, 01:15 PM
I had a very nice mechanic here this week working on my generator. We discussed many topics during the 2 hours he was here. Among those topics, was our mutual perspective on the end times, how the USA is involved, and where Christian loyalties must be placed. As the political trends seem to indicate, we are not the "New Jerusalem" some would have you think. There is only one end times temple, only one Jerusalem and only one end times Babylon in Scripture. Whether these things are literal or figurative, nobody knows.

What we do know is, during the last days, Christians will be persecuted, harassed and slaughtered...even by having their heads cut off, which is now happening in the Mid East and Africa. From current events, we know Christians are pretty quickly falling out of favor in the USA. Probably not coincidence that the only "cults" harassed and attacked by the US government are those who call themselves Christian. I don't believe anyone is conspiring against Christians, just that they are deceived.

We know the Bible says at the very end, the whole world...every country and people...will be arrayed for battle against Jerusalem. It doesn't say that a Great benevolent free country will swoop in and save the day. There will be no countries who are benevolent at that point. So, we Christians had better understand where our loyalties should be...with God or country, because it can't be both.

entry May 31 2008, 11:12 AM
Well...the final exam on the journey from having blood in my urine 3 months ago. The results of the CT scan were clear, and so was the sistoscopy. If you want to stop here, having the answer, this will spare you the details. For those curious about what this is like, I'll continue writing.
After undressing from the waist down and covering myself, the nurse applied pain killer. It left a burning sensation that lasted a few minutes. I looked at the instrument to be used. It appeared to be a black tube about the diameter of a milk shake straw around 18" long, with what looked like a microscope eyepiece on one end.
The doctor rushed into the room, shook my hand and said, "Let's get a look at things and send you on your way. The whole procedure will take about two minutes." Then he began putting that tube in, It had to turn a pretty sharp corner to get into my prostate, at which time he said..."this is the hard part." It was! it was extremely uncomfortable and the natural response is to clamp down with every muscle. I got the idea that the way to make this easier is to force my muscles to relax. There was no pain after it was in, but I could feel the scope moving around in my prostate and bladder...very strange. Then the doctor said, "OK, we're done."
He gave me an antibiotic and told me there might be some pain or light bleeding for the next day or so. I said, "I guess so!" There was a little blood and a whole lot of pain during urination for the next 36 hours. Everything is back to normal.
 All in all, the standard price for the blood tests, xrays, medicine, CT scan, four examinations and PPscopy will be somewhere around $ 5-6,000. Our part of the cost will be about $ 2,000 before we hit our deductible ceiling. Given the amount of inconvenience, pain and costs involved, next time I find blood in my urine, I'll wait for a recurrance, fever, extreme pain or blockage before I call the doctor.
You're probably as happy as I am this is the last episode in this journey.

entry May 23 2008, 03:29 PM
This was a pretty nervous experience. First of all, I had to get some blood tests to make sure my liver and kidneys were functioning correctly. This was because I'm diabetic and the test can cause kidney failure. Then they wanted to know about my asthma and allergies, because I could have an allergic reaction. I had to file a consent form that listed all the problems the test could cause, in order, from best to death...I'm still alive, so, na-na-na-na-na.

After I got the right amount of clothes off, they took me into this room where there was a table sticking out of a donut-shaped machine. They stuck an IV into my arm and attached it to this huge plunger-like machine, with about a pint of clear liquid in it. The machine started to make a "vooooom-voooom" sound, like a space ship. Then the table slid me into the donut, told me to take a breath and hold it and slowly slid me back out. It repeated this several times. Then the technician started the IV, and I got a warm feeling all over. A few minutes later, we went through the donut a few times more, then 5 minutes later, after all the liquid was in me, we slid into the donut hole a few more times. If I can get images in JPG or GIF, I'll share them.

I see the doctor on May 13 for the scope thingy. Until then, no news is good news.

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