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A Journey We've All Taken Episode 6: Follow Up With Dr.

Well, the visit with my regular doctor confirmed that I understood all the test results properly. He said blood in urine could be something or it could be nothing. My doctor recommended I see a urologist. He said the best way to choose a urologist is glove size.
Funny thing about doctors. All of my doctors are in the same medical group, sharing a large database and using all the same diagnostic and testing services. Though that's the case, for some reason, I have to drive to the radiology department, pick up my x-rays and hand deliver them to my urologist. When I asked for the x-rays, they asked me if I wanted them on film, or digital. It might be because I make my living on the Internet, but couldn't they have just emailed the digital images to the urologist and saved me half a day?

Please keep praying God has already healed me.

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