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entry Apr 25 2008, 12:23 PM
We're responsible, as followers of Jesus, to maintain contact with God through prayer. It isn't something we view as an option, but a constant practice. I'm not talking about prayer before meals, bed, ceremonies, etc. Our prayer is usually private, taking every issue to our God and seeking His guidance. If we believe the Bible, we have other responsibilities, as well. We're required to be ambassadors of Christ, to be like Him in this world, to love our neighbors, to live at peace with everyone and to obey the laws where we live. These are no less our obligations than prayer. In fact, insisting on public Christian prayer can contradict and oppose our other obligations to God. If our duly elected and appointed Government has deemed official prayers in public schools to be illegal, we should obey the law, and pray in private, not subjecting others to our religious practices.

entry Apr 20 2008, 02:33 AM
It wasn't like this before! Public school prayers were common before games, at meetings and assemblies, etc. Now, how do we deal with the post-Christian era in our society, where Biblical phrases and pictures aren't displayed and prayer has been relegated to each student to do, privately? Let's examine our responsibility to Christ, what's being prohibited, the political options, and what Christians can do about it, over the next few entries. The answer to prayer in public schools is so simple, it surprises many Christians, but carries the promise that God will back it with all His power.

entry Apr 11 2008, 01:44 PM
I saw the Urologist today. He told me everything looked normal. He said X-rays were useless in these cases, so he ordered a CT scan and what Iím not-so-fondly calling a PP scope (use your imagination). He told me that I should not worry about anything. The tests are just a precaution because in rare cases, bladder or prostate cancer can elude the tests Iíve had so far. He actually said 99% of the time, itís nothing. I was surprised he was that informative, with all the law suits I keep hearing about. Anyway, itís nothing until itís something. Iíll let you know either way. †

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