Please help me & my children save our home. Please pray & share this message with others.

Please go to

I created this website page from a website that helps people do fundraisers and accept online donations. I am posting anywhere on-line possible to spread the message.

I am asking for donations as little as $1, $5, $20, $50, $100...Whatever they can afford to try and save my home. I am not just asking for handouts, I am willing to take a loan & sign a promissory note to pay it back if that's possible for anyone.

You can go to the My story page for more details on why I am asking for help. I hope you can understand that this is very hard and embarrassing to have to ask like this, but I have tried everything I can think of and this is the only idea I can think of that can reach enough people to make this have a chance of being possible.

I am trying to raise the money to save my Habitat for Humanity home. I have until July 1, 2011 to come up with the arrears on my mortgage or they are planning to foreclose. My mortgage is only $470 a month and it is a mortgage loan with no interest. I can't lose my house without trying everything possible. Please for my children's sake find it in your heart to help. And if you can't, I understand and I just ask that you pray for us.

As of July 1st I will be a little over $10,000 behind, I have almost $4000 of that myself, so I am trying to raise approx $6000. I plan on sharing this on Facebook & ask friends to also share it, I am also going to post it on Craigslist and possibly put an ad in the newspaper. If I can get 6000 people to donate $1, it is possible. I am putting into God's hands and I know it is possible with faith.

I do have a few churches trying to help, but no one has the funds to help all at once. I will give you contact information to the churches & Habitat for Humanity if you would like to contact them to verify that this is truly going to save our home. I set up this account because the church said they could not set up a personal donation page for just one family. This was the only thing I could think of.

I didn't mean to wait until the last second, we have been trying everything we can think of. I just thought of this and found this site or I would have tried earlier.

I did just get an $800 donation today, it is possible, I have faith in God, he will help us!

God Bless You all for reading this and all prayers!