My name is Robbie & this prayer is for Shannon who i love dearly the mother of my child.we are separated because i couldn't handle the strife but i am back! .Her mom died of cancer last year and her dad is needy now & using her and controlling her and influence her to keep away from me & don't know why? hes cusses a lot and non christian and now she has to be a parent to her mentally retarded 37 year old brother because her dad cant because hes lazy.I see her personality changing and cursing god lately for the first time saying(god blank) a lot like her dad. I have never seen her say that!I think Shannon is doing ungodly things, meeting a man & drinking with him behind my back to get her mind off things as her non christian friends encourage because she came home 4hrs late several times & i can smell & tell shes drinking but denies it. She is so lost & I see her drinking wine at home from what shes dealing with & talks about dying and says i wish i was never born and i am cursed!and she cries & i hold her,i give scripture and she just throws it away and say god hates me!She thinks now its easier to be single & its more stress to be with me because i am softly preaching to her & says that is stress & now i am annoying:( she is so mean to me lately & cold & cursing at me for no reason.I cook,i do laundry & all the chores and says she doesn't care.I want her to love me again and trust me and give us a chance and stay as a family i want it to work.I left for a while but realized i should work it out. but she said you left me in my stress!she now thinks i am conning her to get back, I am not!she struggles with trusting me & there are people trying to influence her to sin & be single and live life. I see what Satan is doing..i pray she loves me again and trust me and believes me & wants to work it out(one chance to prove to her) she said how can i believe you and i take you back and you are not there for me!I want us to get back together & raise our child together. we act like a family and bother in same room loving only 30 minutes a day with our child and at times laughing together and cooking together cause she is a workaholic & cant sit still she says? shes to independent & never needed anyone she says ,why cant we be a family? i wish i had more time with her to repair,but goes to bed when she comes home.And says i don't have time for a relationship! yea because shes always working or with her brother at his care home! she does things with our daughter , like zoo and places ,but not with me and doesn't invite me? she says shes all i need. seems so selfish. and it hurts me so bad and she says i sound needy and clingy. times shes nice and responds & other times ignores me what do i do?i don't know who is influencing her,but that is what it seems & she says i have everyone helping me watch our daughter why do i need you really at all? and they would cook for me or clean for me so its not special that you do it. and times she thanks me. is she bipolar? or cant sit still to think what she says or does? help me because it giving me depression and i cant eat or sleep and i love her.i just wish god would fix her and she loves me again and trust me.