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Full Version: Faith And Science-the Battle
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The battle fronts have been the same for hundreds of years, each side wrongly claiming the beliefs of the other to be heresy and seeking any means other than reason to defeat them. Juries, federal court, ballot boxes, kings, mass propaganda, even punishment have been used to try to wipe out the dissenting opinions, yet they continue. For the purpose of this article, we'll define true faith and true science, apply those definitions to the current battle lines of evolution and environment, and discuss the possibility of a reasonable consensus...all in one article. First, we must dispose of fake faith and fake science to remove the noise and confusion of extremism from the issues. In doing so, I run the risk of offending religious people and scientists, alike.

Real Faith-vs-Fake Faith:
For the purpose of this article, real faith is pursuit of the truth through belief in a God, superior to humans, who created us and the universe, who is the repository of all truth and knowledge and who gave us the rights and responsibility to care for the Earth. Real faith is expressed when we seek the truth from our Creator, love and help each other, and conserve and protect our environment. Jesus Christ defined real faith when He said that the whole law of God is summed up in two rules...Love God...Love your neighbor as yourself. Fake faith is when we use the mantle of faith, with our titles, robes and political influence to...
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Don't look at Bible vs Science. but look at the Science that in the Bible.
I once had a Man come by and he done a talk on how the bible is right.
I was a little uneasy when he frist started by saying that he belived in the Big Bang.
He said yea if it happen it went like this GOS SAID"BANG!".
He went thur time from the Big Bang to now.

Thank you! I'm familiar with all that stuff, but that seems to be a good website, so I'll leave it up. Normally, I don't allow other sites to be listed without my prior approval because there are so many spammers who just use this site to advertise theirs.
2 Peter 3:8
But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

This one verse clarifies to me so much of the argument of "age of the earth/universe". God is eternal and we have no concept of what his sense of time is. There are those that argue 7 days means 7 days as length of time on earth. What was the length of a day on earth when god created the universe? What was God's plan to create man in his own image? I know that we came from the dust of the Earth but how did he do that? Did we just appear in human form or did we have to stew a while? The truth is we don't know the answers to these questions and neither do the scientists. We'll only know when we reach Heaven and have a true concept of eternity.
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