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Full Version: Healing: Is It Real?
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Hi All

I was sitting at my computer and was reading a few people's sites about sickness and healing, a tricky subject. So many Christians get sick and don't get healed. Yet the Bible does promise healing - in James where visiting an elder and being annointed should result in healing.

plus many other scriptures people have quoted to me about Christ's offering of himself on the cross not only for our sin but ... by His stripe's we are healed.

I have to confess I struggle with healing, or lack of it. If anyone has advice on this difficult subject, I'd love to hear it.

thanks in advance.

Bluxx -

Welcome to Web-Church.

I think we all struggle with this. I can only tell you that I have seen so many miraculous events in my own life that I cannot possibly recount them all.

Sometimes people are healed and sometimes not - the reasons I cannot possibly know, let alone explain. Let it be understood that our Salvation does not require that we be in perfect health.

I think the hardest healing to receive is that when one prays for himself. It seems that God is more likely to heal some other that one prays for rather than one's self.

Generally speaking God does not "put on a show", He more often works subtly. After all, if there were an automatic healing formula, people would simply take it for granted as we tend to do in all things and no personal relationship with the Lord would develop.

Instead, God demands the exercise of faith where-in there is a gradual accumulation of proofs on a personal level to strengthen one's faith but remain un-convincing to doubters. If you carefully re-examine the miracles in the Old Testament, you will realize that they were largely done in such a way as to leave room for doubt.

Doubt is key to our being forgivable. Satan and all of the angels who defected from God with Satan; did so with full and complete knowledge of God. Because of this, they are un-forgivable. We hoever operate in ignorance and thus we are forgivable.

God is Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. He is the Rewarder of those who believe that He exists and diligently seek Him.

Hey Bluxx,
I can tell you God healed my son who had a terrible mental disorder. Much prayer by many loving people was involved in this and there was no other medication or treatment that my son would accept – so I know God was the one who healed him!

Personally I have come near death twice due to a medical condition. The last time I had to deal with my condition I asked God to consider ending it. He must have decided it wasn’t time for me to go. In my case the medical community operated and did the mechanical things, but it could have gone either way. I believe it was his will because He allowed my body to come back to nearly normal.

I tend to pray much more for others to be healed – not myself. Please do not give up. Do not become conditioned to think God will not help.

Lets both you and I remember that God cares about us, and Jesus is there to forgive us no matter what we have done, or how we have failed before. Keep trying and praying. I know God can and does heal.
A friend
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