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This article isn't to convince anyone who does not believe in God. Rational discussion doesn't work with people who have decided what they believe, so, atheists are safe to read on. For the rest of us, God is, at least, a possibility, an inkling of thought, and at most, the most powerful Being that ever has been or will be. Over the last few hundred years, our increasingly technocratic society has led more people to doubt God's existence and lean towards the scientific model. This article will...

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Glen, Evidence of God:

From the KJV:
Psalm 19:1; The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament
sheweth his handywork.

Romans 1:20; For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are
clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made,
even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse

These verses lead me to God.

When I want to find God I cannot put my finger on something and say to someone, "this proves there is a God." They may have other opinions. It is a matter of faith.

I think about light, and how we are only able to see a small spectrum of all light's wavelengths that science tells us exists.
Most of that light spectrum is invisible. There is so much around us that is not discernible to our senses.

I like to stop on a clear night far away from city lights and look up at the fantastic display in the sky.
It slowly puts me in a humble frame of mind. I think of how majestic the view is.
How can all of this exist, while here am I, a small blob of protoplasm pondering.

I marvel at how tiny things such as the nucleus of an atom has such great power. These invisible things. To me it could not have just made itself. It is not probable. It had to be done by something that had a plan, a great sense of order.

Could that something be eternal, always existing. The first law of thermodynamics acknowledges energy can not be created or destroyed, only altered in form. Science acknowledges energy is eternal. So is God.

When the reality of life invades my self absorbed world and makes me pause over a friends life ending cancer, or my own aging body problems. I realize my mortality, and think about death.

Once I accepted Him He has came into my life, and made Himself felt in my heart. He has answered prayer, and nurtured me.

This is my answer.

Good answer, Jose!
I definitely have a response to this! It will be a very detailed and long testimony. I started to write it out just now, and realized it would take much too long to complete at this late hour. It is nearly midnight, and I have been cruising the site all day, in between my prayers and listening to worship on Glen's amazing site. If anyone reads this who has not read my postings, please look to the prayer forum and read my update on Glen. He is an incredible spiritually-filled, wise man. Please say a prayer for him and Marsha.
My response to this column will be updated as soon as I have enough time to tell it all. I absolutely have evidence of God, and evidence of the enemy to share with all of you.

Thank you for reading, and for praying for Glen and Marsha.
I too have a Testimony. I have it written here and there in parts. Been a long time, don't remember if it is complete in any of those writings - or if so; where exactly I have it filed.

I'll wait for you to post yours, Deb. In the meantime I will try to locate mine.


can you give me one verse in the bible where jesus says Iam God or worship me????
As you have aptly noted, Jesus was very coy in his delivery. It troubled me that Jesus never directly comes out and claims to be God. I finally read all four gospels, taking notes of everytime Jesus said or did something that made him out to be God. I think Jesus wanted us to piece it together, rather than just coming out and saying, "I am God, worship me." Let me give you an example: Jesus said that only God should be worshiped. However, there are several direct references to Christ being the God:
Mark 14:60-62, the high priests asks Jesus directly if he is Christ: He answers him directly, saying "I am."
Matthew 16:16-17, Jesus commends Peter for figuring out that he is the Christ.

On many other occasions, Jesus wants us to figure out that he is God. On many occasions people bowed down and worshiped him. Not once does he tell them to stop. The logical conclusion: He is God, since people are worshiping him as God and he's not telling them to stop.
Another, Jesus says that only God can judge people. Then, in Matthew 19:28, Jesus talks about sitting on his throne and judging.
In Mark 10:17-18, when called "good teacher" Jesus replied, "No one is good, but God alone." Yet in Mark 14:14, Jesus refers to himself at "The Teacher."
In Mark 2:5, he forgives sins. The Jews aptly note that only God can forgive sins. They were completely right. Jesus knew this and let them figure it out. Indeed, in Luke 5:24, Jesus says that only the Son of Man can forgive sins. If only God can forgive sins and only the Son of Man can forgive sins, then it logically follows that the Son of Man is God. Jesus repeatedly refers to himself as "the Son of Man" most notably at Matthew 16:13 and Luke 22:48).
Jesus constantly talks about the unlimited power and dominion of the "Son of Man" over all things (see, e.g. Mark 2:28, Mark 13:26, Matthew 16:13). Only God is given this kind of power.
Jesus repeatedly talks about judgment day and how he will tell people where to go. Think about this logically: what kind of a nut would he be if he wasn't God and he thought he could control the proceedings of judgment day?
Evidence of God is all around us for anyone who's eyes are open. We see Him in what's listed above, or in something as simple as a voluntary act of unselfishness. We each have a choice whether to believe in Him or deny Him. As history draws closer to the end, the unseen hand of God's enemy will be more forceful, trying to eliminate faith in God. We can choose to look at the overwhelming evidence, at how often and in how many ways the dice keep coming up 7. Or, we can side with the enemy, choosing to believe it all happened by chance...but that would be a real crapshoot.
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