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Full Version: Will They Go To Hell?
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I have a cousin on each side of my family who are gay. My mom's best friend is also gay. My boyfriend and I have discussed this topic, and he told me that being gay was a choice. I had read a few articles stating that it was just a disorder of the genes or chromosomes or something. He told me a man got saved by God, and just wasn't gay anymore. One of my cousin's is a Baptists, but I do not even think the other one knows God at all. What will happen if they choose to stay gay forever? How will God see them when they are judged?
This is a very good question. The only right answer is the one the Bible gives. Homosexuality is among the various lists of "sins" in the Bible. I understand the feeling of helplessness or inability to stop, but that does not make something less a sin. Ever since God laid down the Law, people have been trying to get around it.

Over the years, there have been "experts" who claimed homosexuality, alcoholism, murder, pedophilia, theft, violence, beasteality and other unaccepted behavior were the result of some condition, mania, birth defect or genetic predisposition. None of them have ever met the standards to be used in court, let alone God's standards.

How, then, should Christians treat homosexuals? With love! Just like every other human sin condition, once someone receives Christ, he has the ability to resist sin, and eventually, Jesus will work in him to will and to do God's will. I'm always of the mind to be someone's friend no matter what his life is like. Then, when he's seeking God, I'll be around to help. If I'm judgemental or distant, I don't leave myself in a position to help when the person is ready for help.

Well, I hope that helped.

You have a right to be concerned about your relatives living a lifestyle not instituted by God. To answer your question, if your gay relatives continue to practice their lifestyle, yes, according to the word of God in Rom 6:23 and Rom 1: 27-32, they will suffer eternal death which is ending up in Hell Fire. Homosexuality just like any other transgression e.g adultery, stealing is a sin and therefore we need to repent eventhough it is truly not easy to do so especially with homosexuality. It does take the grace of God to do so.

God created Male and Female for the purpose of procreation and companionship, the will of God cannot be fulfilled if we live a homosexual lifestyle.

Unfortunately the society we are living have made it ok to be gay (see tv shows, media etc )and its very sad because this is a device of the enemy to deceive many into this type of sexual perversion which is so unatural thereby leading them down the path of destruction. If you look deep into the lives of some of these people who claim they were born gay, you will see that they have been sexually abused/ raped as a child by the same sex, were neglected by a close loved one e.g parent or have experienced several heartbreaks in a relationship which now lead them to finding comfort with the same sex.

Having said all this my dear sister, As a christian and relative, all you can do is continue to love them.. we as christians should show love to such ones just as we attempt to show love to an adulterer, liar, murderer etc. In the eyes of God, sin is sin. there is not greater sin. Continue to pray for these ones especially the salvation of their souls first of all and then the Holy Spirit will begin working in them to deliver and show them the truth. It is the plan of the enemy for us to live in darkness on earth and end up in hell fire but the plan of the Lord is for us to live a victorious and happy life on earth according to his will and end up living eternally with him.

Remember, as christians we are not to judge, for the Lord is the only Judge of both good and evil.

I pray this has helped in some way.

God bless.
Its not a disease whether your gay or not. Its a moral discussion. Just because your gay doesn't make you different and abnormal. They should be treated equally and no different from the way you would want treated yourself because everyone deserves respect.
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