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A successful salesman once said in a seminar, "They don't care what you know until they know that you care." I'm not suggesting evangelism is sales, just that we aren't very good evangelists if we care more about ourselves than the person we're sharing Jesus with. Are we doing it to 'get another notch on our Bible' or because the pastor gave a moving sermon? When we're talking with them, are we nervous about being rejected? These are signs that our focus is on ourselves rather than their needs.

Jesus was the founder of Need Centered Evangelism, taking it out of the synagogues and temples and into the streets, hillsides and homes. The Gospels are full of stories of people healed, their questions answered, their problems solved by a loving Savior who ignored the criticisms of the religious so He could be with sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes and meet their needs.

Now, many of our most religious churches are using the phrase Need Centered Evangelism as a buzz word for 'getting them to visit our church and receive our ministry.' Well, that's not what it is. I applaud the brave independent Christians who ignore this programmed approach to evangelism and, instead, mow a neighbor's lawn or take an old woman to her doctor appointment. Jesus said, "let your light shine so people will see your good works and praise your Father in heaven." I don't care how many mega buildings we construct or banners we put up or tracts we hand out...they won't care what you know until they know that you care.

Web-Church offers 2 on-line need-centered evangelism tools for you who have friends who need help but you don't know what to say. Depending on what their need is, you can lead them to these websites to get help and meet Jesus. specializes in health needs and information while giving people the opportunity to connect with Jesus and seek healing. has some health help, but looks at the other personal and family needs, like marriage, parenting, abuse, finances...offering real traditional help and support, along with help from God. Please feel free to use these Need Centered Evangelism tools to help your friends and loved ones.
I agree about Needs Centered Evangelism.

There is a huge organization based in Germany named Natural Church Growth that has been carefully studying the factors that contribute to natural church development. Tens of thousands of churches in hundreds of countries have been studied. This includes all denominations. Form their findings eight characteristics were distilled.

One of those related to this post is
Needs based evangelism

The other seven are
Empowering leadership
Gift based ministry
Passionate spirituality
Inspiring worship services
Effective structures
Holistic small groups
Loving relationships

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