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The 7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit are often controversial among Christians. The controversy ends in this Bible study, where God's Word provides the answers as to what the gifts are, what they mean and how and when they are to be used. 

Online Christian Discipleship School-Life Cycle Series C2

7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Instructions:  You can use the course online or print each lesson and fill in the blanks.  If you're taking these courses with the goal of receiving a diploma or becoming a member of Web-Church, you must answer and file a copy of each lesson to submit to Web-Church once you've completed all lessons.  If you wish to make a file copy, you can highlight the text and paste it into a text file.  Pay close attention to any affirmations, commitments or Bible memory verses at the end of lessons.  These are included to help cement the lesson content into your life. 

Introduction: Possibly the most interesting, inspiring, confusing and controversial area of Christian life, today, is this whole area of Holy Spirit gifts. Many followers of Jesus have separated and chosen to refuse fellowship with each other because of these gifts. How sad! Jesus said the world would know His people because of their love for each other. In this session, we'll cover what the Bible really teaches about these gifts, how to get them, use them, control them, and how they relate to maturity. As with many areas of the Bible we've studied, we'll discover God's Word is very balanced and rational in the area of Spiritual gifts. Though the teaching is rational, by their very nature, the Gifts, are not even natural…they are miraculous. Are you ready for the miraculous?

Let's begin this teaching with the firm understanding that God is way beyond our understanding. If we're looking to always understand what's going on, we're not looking for God. God doesn't fit into our neat little sense of order. To accept God among us is to accept that there will be exciting, unexplainable, wonderful, and sometimes undignified things going on…and it's all right. He 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the ____ yesterday, and _____ and _______." Everything we read in the Bible; all the healing, the prophecy, the miraculous happenings, the knowledge, the power, the faith; all of it can happen right here right now among us. Are we ready? These aren't parlor tricks, or churchy shows, but real, valid miracles, done by God to bring glory to God, alone. It's my prayer that He be glorified in this teaching, rather than some worldly doctrine. Because of the great controversies of the past, please begin this session by praying for God to tear down any works of fear or confusion from the devil, and for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself in your life. Read 1Co chapters 12, 13 & 14 to prepare for this session. Keep your Bible open at these chapters.

Holy Spirit Baptism: There were many people documented in the Old Testament to have had the Holy Spirit. Saul, David, Elijah and Elisha are 4 I can name off of the top of my head. Still, there was no "wholesale" outpouring of the Holy Spirit until the day of Pentecost, following the ascension of Christ to heaven. This is exactly what Jesus had promised. Jn 14:26 "But the Counselor, the ____ ______, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you ___ ______ and will remind you of everything I have said to you." Acts 1:5 "For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be ________ with the Holy Spirit." Act 2:4 "All of them were ______ with the Holy Spirit…" This was not an isolated incident…it's still going on today. Acts 2:38-39 "…you ____ receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The _______ is for you and your children and for all who are far off-for ___ whom the Lord our God ____ ____." Based on many instances in the book of Acts, this baptism can happen at the same time we accept Jesus or at some later time. It also records many cases where different "experiences" accompanied Holy Spirit Baptism. The Bible never lists anything as the evidence of Holy Spirit Baptism. This is a promise from God to all believers in Jesus Christ. Let no one tell you that you have to act a certain way to "prove" you've been baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The Gifts of the Spirit: 1 Cor 12:7-11 "Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the 1. message of W_____, to another the 2. message of K________ by means of the same Spirit, to another 3. F____ by the same Spirit, to another 4. gifts of H______ by that one Spirit, to another 5. M_________ powers, to another 6. P_______, to another 7. D_____________ between S______, to another 8. S_______ in different kinds of T_______, and to still another the 9. I_____________ of T______. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines."

1 & 2. Messages of Wisdom and Knowledge: Today, we can't honestly say we're certain of the difference is between these two gifts. The best attempt I've heard, is that one is a miraculous message from God that you never knew, and the other is a miraculous message from God about things you already knew. Let's just say these are miraculous messages from God. Isn't that cool enough?
3. Faith: This isn't the standard measure of faith that's given everyone, but miraculous faith that "moves mountains".
4. Healing: This is miraculous healing, like when Peter told the guy to get up and walk. When you're doing things like that in God's name, He's given you the gift of healing. You're not a "healer"…God's the healer.
5. Miraculous Powers: That's the Holy Spirit using you to do things like tell a tree do die…and it does...I have to use poison.

Continued at Gifts Of The Holy Spirit-2

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