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Introduction to Ephesians Bible Studies includes a description of the book of Ephesians and the related studies as well as an index.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Ephesians Bible Studies Introduction

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Introduction to the book of Ephesians:

When Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians, he was in prison.  He had had a long and loving relationship with the Ephesians.  He had visited them at least twice, spending years building the Church, there.  During his final visit, Paul received a prophecy predicting his imprisonment, which grieved the Ephesians greatly.  This letter seems to both comfort the Ephesians and reinforce the teachings he had already given them.  The letter is filled with doctrines that are controversial and misunderstood still today.  Other concepts of Spiritual life in this letter are completely missed by most Christians today.

In preparing our study questions, we've tried to challenge you to prayerfully ponder the hard issues.  As always, the studies are arranged in an inductive style, so you can get the most application to your life.  Rather than 1 chapter per week, these studies might have you discussing and researching 1 question per week in the deeper concepts.  Don't rush it...there is much pure gold in the book of Ephesians.  It's far better to get from the book than get through it.  Please begin your study this week by reading through Ephesians.  for more context, see what is said about Paul's Ephesian ministry in the book of Acts. 

Ephesians Bible Studies:

Ephesians Bible Studies Introduction

Outline To The Book Of Ephesians

Ephesians, Chapter 1 Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 2a Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 2b Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 3 Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 4a Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 4b Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 5a Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 5b Bible Study

Ephesians, Chapter 6 Bible Study

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