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Introduction To Philippians Bible Studies covers Christ Beyond Reason by looking at the circumstances of Paul and the Philippians.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Philippians Introduction:

In many ways, Philippians is a description if Christ and Christianity beyond reason.  Paul was writing an encouragement to the Philippians, yet they were being harassed and persecuted and he was sitting in a Roman prison...very unreasonable to say something encouraging in these circumstances.  Yet, even the encouragement was beyond reason.  How can Paul reasonably say, "my chains advance the Gospel?"  Would a reasonable person be "pressing on" toward further achievement while sitting in prison?"  Certainly, it's beyond reason for Christ, being God, to give up His "God-ness," become human and let us kill Him.  It's also unreasonable for Paul to expect us, mere humans, to behave in a similar way for others.

Possibly, more beyond reason than all of that, is the instruction on how to get peace while the writer is in prison and our friends are being hunted and be gentle, thankful and think good thoughts.  Maybe this is why Christianity requires faith, because much of what we do is beyond reason.  These studies will help us apply the very unreasonable and very powerful messages from God contained in Philippians.  To get some context in preparation for the studies, read through the book of Philippians and pray bout it over the course of a week.

Philippians Bible Studies:

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