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Introduction to Colossians Bible Studies prepares us for the study questions by describing the spiritual power, depth and breadth of Paul's short letter.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Colossians Bible Studies Introduction

Colossians Introduction:

In his letter to the Colossians, Paul shows we should consider Christianity outside of the mental, physical world and inside the spiritual, practical world.  He turns the temporary world of logic, regulations, and ethics upside down and shows the spiritual kingdom of God is here and now, more powerful, more practical and more permanent than anything we can see and touch.  In Colossians, Paul teaches of Christ, not only as savior, but as our original Creator, the fullness of God, the One who hold all things together, the One who places the fullness of God within us.  This short letter is packed with spiritual power and blessing beyond what most Christians understand.

In preparation for the inductive studies, spend a week reading through Colossians, praying and meditating on what you see there.

Colossians Bible Studies:

Colossians Introduction

Outline To Colossians Bible Studies

Colossians Chapter 1 Bible Study

Colossians, Chapter 2 Bible Study

Colossians, Chapter 3 Bible Study

Colossians, Chapter 4 Bible Study

Other Colossians Bible Studies & Background

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