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Ministry mission, qualifications and responsibilities are covered in the Timothy and Titus Bible studies.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Timothy And Titus Bible Studies Introduction

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Timothy And Titus Bible Studies Introduction:

As Christianity grew from city to city and then country to country, so did counterfeit teachings and cults.  As we read in the letters to the churches, attacks on the Christian faith came not only from Israel and Rome, but also from within the church, with false doctrines and false apostles.  It became clear to Paul, that much of the work he had done to spread the Gospel of Christ would stop unless there was some way to preserve the sound teaching and reject the rest.

It wasn't for a few hundred years that the books we're studying today were compiled into one "Bible" that measures up to the tests of sound teaching.  It wasn't until about 1,400 years later that those Scriptures would become available to everyone, through printing.  Something had to be done to protect the sound doctrine from being polluted with false teaching.

Paul traveled around the Roman world, staying a few years in one region, building up leaders and small home churches, then to another region.  After decades of this, there were many thousands of people in hundreds of towns all over the Roman empire.  The letters to Timothy and Titus give us a glimpse into the methods Paul used to  choose leaders, assign responsibility and establish authority in the new churches, so the new Christians could be protected from those who would mislead and abuse them.  These letters are sometimes referred to as the Pastoral letters because they seem to establish the Christian rules for leadership. 

In fact, many churches still use the titles and qualifications listed here to structure their own ministries.  Our studies will take these letters further, to apply not only to churches then and now, but to the lives and missions of each of us individual Christians.  Take this week to prayerfully read through all three letters. 

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Timothy And Titus Bible Studies Introduction

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