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The 9 Fruits Of The Spirit is an online Bible study designed to teach all about the fruit of the Spirit. You'll learn what these fruit are, how important they are and how a Christian acquires and develops them.

Online Christian Discipleship School, Life Cycle Series C1

9 Fruits Of The Spirit

Instructions:  You can use the course online or print each lesson and fill in the blanks.  If you're taking these courses with the goal of receiving a diploma or becoming a member of Web-Church, you must answer and file a copy of each lesson to submit to Web-Church once you've completed all lessons.  If you wish to make a file copy, you can highlight the text and paste it into a text file.  Pay close attention to any affirmations, commitments or Bible memory verses at the end of lessons.  These are included to help cement the lesson content into your life. 

Introduction to the third class in the Life Cycle session...Blooming. When a plant begins to reach maturity, it blooms to become attractive enough to reproduce.  For the Christian disciple, this blooming is the work of the Holy spirit in their lives, eliminating the old, sinful, self, and adding Spiritual fruit and gifts.  In this class, we'll examine the work of the Holy Spirit in us…and our work in the Holy Spirit. The lessons are 9 Fruits Of The Holy Spirit, 7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts Of The Bible, and The Parable Of The Ten Talents.  Many teach that spiritual things are "automatic" in the life of a follower of Jesus. That's partially true. Everything that grows produces flower and fruit, but to have a full bloom and harvest of fruit, requires much cultivation and pruning. Sometimes, this is painful and just plain hard work. I can tell you at this point in my growth cycle, all the work and pain are worth it.

You've reached a certain "level" in your Spiritual growth or you wouldn't be at this point in the study. I encourage you to continue in the Spiritual habits you've already learned as you work toward completion of the four LifeCycle Discipleship sessions. Don't just look at this as an "exercise to complete for a diploma". Let these things change how you live. Remember our goal:

It's more important to get "from" the LifeCycle courses, than to get "through" them.

C1:  9 Fruits Of The Holy Spirit:

This is not an exhaustive study on the Spiritual fruit. To do that would take years. Instead, consider this a synopsis, listing the Fruit and how we acquire and increase them. Often, people point to the Spiritual Gift experiences they've had and say that it's a sign of their "closeness" to God…their "maturity" as a Christian. Yet, the bible teaches they have nothing to do with maturity. One thing will become clear by the end of this session…no one can be a mature Follower of Jesus until the Fruit of the Spirit are predominant in their life.

A. What are the fruits of the Spirit? Look up Ga. 5:22 and list the fruits of the Holy Spirit below:

1. ____ 2. ___ 3. _____ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ____________ 8. __________ 9. ____ _______

B. Given by God: The Fruit of the Spirit are given by God to all followers of Jesus (to apply to their lives) when they receive Christ. II Pe 1:3 "His divine power has _____ us __________ we need for life and godliness…" The Scriptures that show God being asked for these fruit and Christians being called to live by them are too numerous to reference. Here are a couple examples: Ga 5:24-25 "Those who ______ to Christ Jesus have _________ the sinful nature, with it's passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit." Eph 5:8-9 "For you were once ________, but now are _____ in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord."

Concluded at 9 Fruits Of The Spirit-2

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