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The Christian Finances pages offer Biblical principles for employment, budget, credit, debt, savings, investment and giving. The true meaning of stewardship-employment, debt, investment, budget, giving.

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God, On Money:  Ask people what God has to say about money and most will tell you, "money is evil" or "He wants us to give it to Him."  Actually, based on the Bible, God has a lot to say about money.  These 3 pages are devoted to a review of what God says about money...earning, budgeting, debt, saving, investing, attitude and  Considering what most people think, there will be many surprises...enjoy!  For more information, see the best-selling books on Christian Finances and Stewardship.

How should a Christian feel about money?  One group feels that money and possessions are evil and if we were pure Christians we wouldn't have any.  Another group says God loves us and won't deny us anything and, if our faith was strong enough we would be the wealthiest people in the World.  Each group draws its position from the Bible...but only part of the Bible.  Some Christian organizations teach that a specific percentage of everything you make should be given to them (as God's storehouse)...some even deny membership unless you promise to do this.  Others teach that, through taxation and certain entitlement programs, the Government is doing God's work with your money.  These, also, get their positions from the Bible.  You should be asking at this point, "What good is the Bible on money if it contradicts itself so much?"...but it doesn't.

The Bible only seems to contradict itself when people take their narrow opinion and stretch a few verses out of context to support it.  Would it surprise you to know that God wants you to have more than enough wealth so you can bless people with it?  Would it surprise you to know He wants you to invest the money He has given you so you can make more?  What if you found out that God wants lazy people to go hungry?  If these things challenge what you thought about Christians and money, read're going to enjoy this.

Employment and Earning Money:

It isn't right for us to be unproductive, lazy, sloppy, careless, unskilled or dishonest and still expect God or others to provide for us.  We are to work to earn what we have.  If we don't work, we don't deserve to eat.  Our hunger then drives us to work (IITH 3:10, Pr 16:26).  We are to work hard, in a dedicated fashion for our living.  If we don't work hard, we are stealing from our employer and don't deserve much money (Pr 14:23, Pr 18:9, Pr 20:13, Pr 10:4).  For help and information on employment, see our pages Employment And Christian Finances, Resume Writing Tips For Christians, and Job Interview Tips For Christians.  To serve in high position, we must improve our skills and do superior work (Pr 22:29)...not just attain seniority or tenure.  We are required to be honest in our professional dealings (Ex 18:21, Le 19:35, Pr 13:11).  Finally, we need to balance work and rest (Dt 5:13-14, Mk 2:27).  This is all that's required of us by God to begin deserving and earning money.

Making and Following a Budget:

It's not enough to just earn money and expect to have it for the things we need.  We must use the money in a planned and careful manner...the "B" word...budget.  Some teach that Christians should have no concern for money, as 'worldly'.  And, Jesus said not to 'worry' about food, clothes, etc. (Mt 6:25-34).  Planning isn't's being a good steward of what God has put under your oversight.  Jesus taught a lot about money management...we'll cover it.  Paul frequently discussed plans for handling money in his letters.  It is out of balance and irresponsible to ignore such a major part of Christian life. 

If you don't control your spending you will never earn enough money.

The best way to eliminate worry about money is to have a complete spending plan (Lk 14:28, Pr 16:3, Pr 21:5).  A good budget includes ALL expenses, loan payments, food, clothing, housing, transportation, taxes, entertainment, gifts, gratuities, communication, insurance, travel, savings, donations, investment, etc.  For more information, see Budgeting Tips For Christians and Family Budget Worksheet.  This is hard work, but you can bet that those lucky people you see who can weather a 6-month lay-off are the ones who did the hard work of budgeting...and then following their budget. 

Here's a tip if you're new to budgeting:  Most people spend all they earn, so have no room in their budget for paying down debt, savings, donations, etc.  Make a budget for what you have now, then make a spending plan for future increases in income...say...40 % to pay down debt, 20% to giving, 20% to savings, and 20% to lifestyle.  Then, when you get a $ 100 raise, you already know to increase your debt payments $ 40, savings $ 20, etc.  Unfortunately, if you wait until the money is in your's already spent.

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