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Learn the answer to prayer in public schools that's so simple, it surprises many Christians, but carries the promise that God will back it with all His power. 

Prayer In Public Schools

It wasn't like this before!  Public school prayers were common before games, at meetings and assemblies, etc.  Now, how do we deal with the post-Christian era in our society, where Biblical phrases and pictures aren't displayed and prayer has been relegated to each student to do, privately?  Let's examine our responsibility to Christ, what's being prohibited, the political options, and what Christians can do about it.  The answer to prayer in public schools is so simple, it surprises many Christians, but carries the promise that God will back it with all His power.

Responsibility Of Christians:

We're responsible, as followers of Jesus, to maintain contact with God through prayer.  It isn't something we view as an option, but a constant practice.  I'm not talking about prayer before meals, bed, ceremonies, etc.  Our prayer is usually private, taking every issue to our God and seeking His guidance.  If we believe the Bible, we have other responsibilities, as well.  We're required to be ambassadors of Christ, to be like Him in this world, to love our neighbors, to live at peace with everyone and to obey the laws where we live.  These are no less our obligations than prayer.  In fact, insisting on public Christian prayer can contradict and oppose our other obligations to God.  If our duly elected and appointed Government has deemed official prayers in public schools to be illegal, we should obey the law, and pray in private, not subjecting others to our religious practices. 

What Prayer Is Prohibited?

So, we can't use the official microphone and the school staff to subject others to the practice of Christianity.  That's all they're saying, isn't it?  After all, no one will keep us from praying, which we're called to do at all times.  All the others are asking, is for us not to force them to stand around while we do so.  I've heard so many impassioned sermons and seen so many emails and petitions about how unfairly we're being treated.  When did Christians become such a whiney political pressure group?  If we truly believe in prayer, why are we petitioning the Government?  We should be petitioning the Most High God, with thankfulness, letting our gentleness be evident to everyone.  Instead, we stand with picket signs, yelling at anyone who disagrees.  When we engage in political battles over such things as small as school prayer at graduation,  we're not living at peace or loving our neighbors.  We're trying to use the government to force them to act like us.     

Are Political Options Realistic?

It's unrealistic to do this, because even if we win the political fight, Christ loses.  We frame Jesus in the public mind, as a dictator, who doesn't care what you want, as long as your children act like they believe in Him.  God forbid!  This next sentence is going to offend a lot of my Christian brothers, at least those who need to be offended.  There is no such thing as a Christian country.  There are only Christian people.  If we're the Christian people God called us to be, loving and being considerate to our neighbors, no one will be offended if we quietly pray in a small group for the safety of the football team or the futures of the graduates.  If we try to use the force of government to sanction public school prayer, we offend everyone who isn't us.  How do we reach them with the love of Christ while we're using the force of government against their personal choices?  When it comes to prayer in public schools, there is nothing Christians can do politically, without offending the very people we're trying to reach for Christ.  

What Can Christians Do?

How about...pray?  We worship the most powerful One in all eternity, and we think the Government can help us?  The way many Christians regard Government looks a lot like idolatry.  Here's a strategy for changing the whole direction of our for Jesus to change people's hearts, rather than just trying to change the laws.  Jesus promised to put all power in Heaven and Earth behind reaching people with His love.  Too bad so few of us are doing it!  Once the hearts are changed, the whole culture will change, and everything the Christians are trying to get politically, will be a reality regardless of the laws.  Could it be that someone has blinded our eyes to this simple fact?

While we're reaching people for Christ, there are other things we can do to restore prayer in school.  We can establish private schools, to properly educate Christian kids and establish prayer as an integral part of education.  If we do it with the level of excellence Christ calls us to, non-Christian families will be sending their kids, too, giving another opportunity to reach people for Christ.  If we apply that excellence, the success of our students will be so much greater than the others, it will be a testimony to the power of God.  All because we Christians, instead of whining for fairness, picketing and petitioning Government, put all our efforts and resources into solving the real problem...reaching people with the love of Christ, changing hearts and teaching our own children.  Then we'll have prayer in schools...powerful, effective prayer, whether it's public or private.

What do you teach your children about prayer?

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