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Section 1.  Calling/Qualifications:  The Bible teaches that all followers of Jesus are royal priests, children of the Most-High-God with the fullness of God inside them and with the ministry of reconciliation.  The call from God, therefore, doesn’t put someone in a position of greater honor, but greater responsibility to serve and to live as an example.  That’s why we don’t use the titles Pastor or Reverend.  The qualifications for Servant (minister) in EHF are to be called by God to live as an example (see I Tim 4:12, Mt 20:26, Acts 6, I Tim 3, Titus 1).  In recognizing someone as a Commissioned (ordained) or Non-Commissioned (licensed) Servant (minister) EHF is not conferring something upon them, but merely recognizing formally what God has conferred on them.
Section 2.  Liability:
  EHF shall accept no liability for actions or inactions of Servants credentialed by EHF, except those performing contracted services for EHF and only to the effect of those services contracted.  Each Servant is strongly encouraged to obtain liability insurance.
Section 3.  Types of Credentials:
a.  Non-Commissioned Servant (Licensed Minister):  This credential is issued to someone to recognize their calling by God to perform specific acts of service (i.e. perform weddings or funerals, Chaplain, prison ministry, homeless shelter, etc.) on a one-time, part-time or short-term basis, usually outside the normal ministry area of EHF.
b.  Commissioned Servant (Ordained Minister):  This credential is issued to someone to recognize a life-calling by God to serve on a full-time basis, usually inside the ministry area of EHF.
Section 4.  Credentialing process:
  Once someone expresses a sense of Calling, an investigation begins with the Director and Board, to determine the history, life-style and sincerity of the candidate and the extent of their calling.  Part of this process would be membership comments (see Article IV, Section 3.c.)  Commissioning candidates can expect the process to be more extensive, including testing and extensive Biblical questioning.  Once they are satisfied with the extent of the investigation, the Board will prayerfully decide if credentialing is in order.
Section 5. Revocation of Credential:
Non-Commissioned Credentials are revoked automatically, once the time-frame is elapsed.  Commissioned Servants are commissioned for life unless they commit very serious offenses.  Even in the case of divorce, serious illness, etc. a suspension is the preferred action, allowing the Servant to recover and assess the Calling themselves.  No revocation will be made “for cause” unless the cause is supported by 2 or more witnesses.
Section 6.  Credentials and the Government:
  Since governments consider “ministers” to have rights to marry, bury, etc. we expect our word for minister “servant” to have the same consideration. 


Section 1.  Income:  The only income source for EHF is the financial donations by members and friends.
Section 2.  Giving Secrecy:  The Director and board are the only individuals at EHF with any knowledge of individual giving records.  This information will be kept secure.  A report will be issued to each giver yearly, for their records.
Section 3.  Budget/Financial Reports:  The EHF budget will be prepared yearly, reviewed by the Board and posted for member review.  The Director will post a monthly statement, comparing EHF income and expenses to the budgeted amounts.  These financial documents will be posted on the web site for member review. 
Section 4.  Access to EHF Financial Data:
  We will make more financial data available to members than most non-profit corporations and accept input from members on any subject.  The Director and Board will ensure the proper, legal and ministerial use of all donations.  We encourage members to have the attitude that money  given faithfully, freely and joyfully to God has no strings attached.
Section 5.  Debt:
  The Bible teaches that debt is slavery.  EHF shall not incur debt of any kind for any reason.  


Section 1.  Business Meetings:  The Board shall meet as needed, to discuss the business of EHF.  Because this is an Internet fellowship, member meetings are impossible and unnecessary.  Membership voting can be accomplished via the web.
Section 2.  Bylaws Changes:
  Recommended changes will be accepted from members on a regular basis.  As the Board determines the need, amendments/revisions to the bylaws will be posted 30 days for membership comment.  Afterward, the board will prayerfully consider the proposed changes.

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