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Section 1.  Founding Board:  The founding board consists of 3 Officer positions, President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These titles are to satisfy legal requirements and have no functional or hierarchical significance.  We are all equal before God.  Each position includes both husband and wife (if they wish).  The purpose of the Founding Board is to advise the Director concerning Spiritual, legal and financial matters and to assist in the establishment of EHF.  The Founding Board will serve until sufficient membership exists to begin selecting Board members from active membership.
Section 2.  Board Composition:
  The regular Board shall be comprised of at least 3 and not more than 7 positions, the Director(presides during tenure) and up to six others who serve 3-year terms (staggered).  Husband and wife may occupy each position but have only one vote.
Section 3.  Board Selection:
a.  At least 3 months prior to beginning of term, the Board requests nominations from EHF membership to be submitted within 15 days.
b.  The Board interviews and prays about the Biblical qualifications (Mt 20:26, Acts 6, I Tim. 3, Titus 1) of each nominee. (30 days)
c.  The Board provides a list of the remaining nominees (name, email address and phone number) to the EHF membership.  If a member feels a nominee doesn’t meet Biblical requirements (b.) the member may inform the Board for further discussion. (30 days)
d.  The Board resolves any disputes, prays over the remaining nominees’ names and randomly selects enough names to fill the vacant board positions.
Section 4.  Rules Governing Board Meetings:
  Meetings will be scheduled by the Director as required, but at least once per year.  Meetings must begin with discussion of personal prayer needs, conversational prayer open to each attendee, and worship.  Discussions are to be as casual as possible.  Eating together at meetings is recommended.  Notes will be kept summarizing pertinent business matters such as things actually voted.
Section 5.  Counsel and Oversight Responsibility:
  We are all equal before God.  No one is “over” anyone else.  Only our responsibilities differ.  The Board’s responsibilities are Godly counsel and oversight of the EHF ministry.  The oversight is in all areas where the Bylaws require Board action or approval.  The Godly counsel is to the Director and others in carrying out their responsibilities.


Section 1.  Employees:  EHF will have no hourly or salaried employees.  Any responsibilities requiring professional credentials or skills will be contracted.  Anything else will be done by volunteer servants of God.

Section 2.  Director:  This position will be filled on a yearly contract.
a.  Responsibilities:  Provides Spiritual vision and leadership to EHF.  Equips members for service works. Directs the day-to-day activities of EHF.  Produces/facilitates software, video, audio and written content for EHF’s web sites.  Sets annual budget and prepares financial reports to track progress.  Makes all spending decisions up to $ 10k one-time or $ 500 monthly.  Makes recommendations for Board vote on transactions above those limits.  Recommends contract positions for Board vote to accomplish specific work within EHF.  Sets up contracts.  Focal point and liaison for public and Government inquiry.  Evaluates Servant (ministry) candidates and makes  recommendations to Board.
b.  Qualifications/selection:  A minimum of 5 years full-time ministry service, preferably in outreach/evangelism.  A minimum of a BA degree in Ministerial or Biblical studies with extensive business and computer knowledge.  Meets the Biblical requirements for a Board Member (Article IV, Section 3.b.).  At least one year of exemplary participation in EHF.  The Board will screen and select a candidate for Director in a manner in  which they feel led.  This candidate will serve as “Interim Director” for one month.  If successful, a one year “interim” term will be agreed upon between the Board and Director.  Once the year is  completed,  the candidate  may be contracted by the Board as “Director”.  Interim Director must clear all decisions with a Board member.
c.  Termination:  If moral or ethical failure by the Director is grave enough to require contract termination, efforts should be made for a resignation.  Failing that, a 100% vote of the Board (without Director voting) will place the issue before the membership for a vote.  If the membership vote to terminate is greater than 65 %, the Director is terminated and the Board may select a replacement. If the vote is 65 % or less, the Director shall be retained.  Because of the relational nature of this fellowship, only "interim" Director contracts may be terminated for other than grave moral or ethical failure.

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