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I'm honored that you've allowed me to be a part of your Christian life.  Please return often for fellowship, study and prayer.  Thank you very much for visiting.
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The board voted in December 2007 to close the non-profit corporation and disperse any remaining assets at the end of the year.  The ministry will go on as E-Home Fellowship Co. solely owned by Glen Williams, the founder, web master and author of all web material.  We will leave these bylaws online as a reference.

BYLAWS OF E-HOME FELLOWSHIP(Established April 24, 2001)Amendment 1, January 1, 2006), Closed December 31, 2007.


Section 1.  Name:  This fellowship was incorporated under the laws of the State of California as E-Home Fellowship. 


Section 1.  Purpose:  The purpose of this corporation is to use the Internet and other modern methods to spread the good news of Jesus Christ:
a.  To help people gain a full and successful life in Jesus Christ.
b.  To teach those interested in using God’s Word to guide their lives.
c.  To facilitate and provide advice, fellowship and worship services.
d.  To commission (ordain) servants (ministers) as needed for our purpose.
Section 2.  Policy:  
To preserve the Spiritual, relational, doctrinal and financial freedom Jesus has given each of us, we adopt the following policies:
a.  E-Home Fellowship (EHF) shall remain an autonomous, independent, non-denominational fellowship of followers of Jesus and shall enter no formal relationship with any other organization, association, group, etc.
b.  EHF shall grow by small Home Fellowships (2-30 people). Therefore, no EHF fellowship shall build or lease property for fellowship or "church" purposes.
c.  EHF, it’s servants (ministers) and members shall not use EHF events, meetings, EHF websites or email to promote political petitions, issues or candidates, no matter how Godly they appear.  Promote Jesus all you want!
d.  EHF shall not incur debt for any purpose.
e.  Neither EHF nor its Servants shall in any way ask anyone to donate or pledge any specific portion of their income.  We believe in God driven givin’.
Article II—Purpose and Policy may not be changed by the board or membership.  If a change so significant is warranted the corporation shall be dissolved and assets donated. 


Section 1.  Benefits:  Ability to participate in business issues which affect the scope and effectiveness of this ministry.  Ability to propose and comment on candidates for Board membership and Officers.  Participation in any EHF membership forums and fellowship (buddy) lists..  Access to financial data.  Access to periodic reports and letters.
Section 2.  Responsibilities:
  A member is someone who feels responsible to support this ministry and expresses this feeling with their prayer, participation, service and money.
Section 3.  Qualifications:
a.  Belief in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
b.  Completion of the Online Discipleship Course “LifeCycle” series (know what you’re joining).
c.  Committing to EHF as your “church”.
d.  Recent (last 6 months), regular activity and support of EHF and its websites. 
Section 4.  Removal:
  In extreme cases it may be necessary to temporarily remove someone from membership.  This does not mean they are unwelcome, just that a pattern of behavior suggests they are not yet ready for membership responsibility.  Of course, warning should be issued prior to removal. 

Continued at Web-Church-Bylaws 2

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