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Christian Discipleship Outline covers the whole process, provides the Bible studies for self-help or to disciple someone else, the definition of discipleship and the resources required to complete study.

Online Christian Discipleship School
LifeCycle Series A1

Christian Discipleship Outline

Definition Of Discipleship:

To define Christian discipleship is difficult in the Western World.  We have nothing like it.  Many have opted for the easy (and wrong) comparison to teaching.  Teachers study from professional teachers how to be professional teachers.  For instance, one who teaches business in college never has to have worked in, managed or owned a business.  In fact, it's sad to say many professors have only shown expertise in learning the subject...not doing it.  The students never have to do it, either, just successfully repeat what the teacher has said.  This is not the case with Christian Discipleship.  In this online discipleship school, you'll learn to live the live the discipline.  The Disciples ate what Jesus ate, went where Jesus went, slept where He slept, and lived the discipline He lived.  As a disciple of Jesus Christ it is understood your goal is to be like Jesus...not just learn facts about Him.  Until we're fully like Jesus, we're not done.

Bible Studies Study Resources:

1.Bible: We recommend you use the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible, which is what we used for all our quotes.  Here is one you can purchase If you don't have one, you can use our online searchable Bible at the bottom right corner of each page.  We recommend against paraphrase Bibles. Two other reliable translations are: NIRV and NASB.  Here is a source for Free Downloadable Bibles and study software

2. Tablet or notebook: Use something you can record your thoughts on to refer to later. You can write on the pages of your Bible, but there's not much room.

3. Pencil: With lots of lead and a big eraser…if you make as many mistakes as I do.

4. Time: This is the biggest resource. It's best to spend 10-15 minutes, uninterrupted, each day, for a week. This reinforces a habit of daily devotion and allows you to ponder and pray about what you've covered. If your schedule doesn't allow daily time, 60 min. some time during the week should complete each lesson.

5.  Instructions:  You can use the course online or print each lesson and fill in the blanks.  If you're taking these courses with the goal of receiving a diploma or becoming a member of Web-Church, you must answer and file a copy of each lesson to submit to Web-Church once you've completed all lessons.  If you wish to make a file copy, you can highlight the text and paste it into a text file.  Pay close attention to any affirmations, commitments or Bible memory verses at the end of lessons.  These are included to help cement the lesson content into your life.

Christian Discipleship Outline: 

A.  Planting Series:   The name, "Planting" comes from many places in the Bible where the growth of a follower of Jesus is likened to a plant: "I _______ the seed, Appolos watered it, But _____ made it grow." 1st Corinthians Chap 3, verse 6 (I Co 3:6).  "when the sun came up, the plants were ________, and they ________ because they had no root." (Mt 13:6) This class is "Basic Training" to provide roots for all followers of Jesus. We're going to do everything we can to remove the religious traditions practiced for the last 1,600 years and focus, instead, on what the Bible truly says.

   A1.  Christian Discipleship Outline:  Here we outline discipleship as a Christian LifeCycle.

    A2.  Assurance Of Salvation:  At the time and place Jesus and the Apostles were around, it didn't take much faith to believe in someone who just raised a person from the dead, or just came back Himself. You could see it!  Jesus said, "_______ are those who have not seen and yet have ________." (Jn 20:29) That's us!!!! This lesson helps us know He's in us, changing and empowering us.

    A3.  Basic Doctrine Of Christianity:  It's been documented that over 10,000 people in the Los Angeles area claim to be God. There are many cults designed to enslave and victimize people based on a "Jesus Christ", but not the one in the Bible. With stuff like that happening, it's easy to understand why, "I believe in Jesus" doesn't work. Which Jesus? In I Co 15, Paul tries to set straight what the Gospel is. He tells the Galatians not to listen to _______ if they teach something different (Ga 1:8). This lesson covers a simple Biblical faith statement that includes all genuine Christians.

   A4.  Christian Traditions And Practices:  Jesus directed His followers (us) to __________ in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Mt 28:19) He directs us to have a special remembrance time we called Communion. Four other Christian practices are discussed to prepare for deeper coverage in the "Growing" class.

Continued at Discipleship Outline-2

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