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We finish the outline with the practices required to grow, teach others and fellowship together.  This school provides online Christian Bible studies for self-help or to disciple someone else, and explains the definition of discipleship and the resources required to be a disciple.

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B. Growing: In this class, the disciple, having been planted, learns what it takes to grow to maturity. In Acts 2:42-47 the Bible describes the early church. This is really foreign to how we do "church" today with large numbers that are led by man, led in worship, in study, in prayer, in fellowship, and especially led in giving. This class is devoted to helping you grow the habits of following Jesus (not man).

B1.  How To Pray As A Christian:  The importance of the Sunshine of Prayer for growth. In Eph 6:18 when does it say to pray? ________________ The Bible teaches so much about prayer it's almost embarrassing to have to teach about it. You'll learn about different kinds of prayer, how faith and prayer work together, how to add significant, meaningful prayer time to your life without busting your schedule, and how to know your prayers are answered.

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B2.  How To Study The Bible:  This study is devoted to the Water of His Word. No plant can grow without water. That's how important the Bible is to the growth of a disciple of Jesus.

Many types of animal require the parent to chew the food for the child until it's old enough to chew for itself. Without exception, when the child is old enough, the mother refuses to chew the food and, in many cases kicks the child out, leaving it alone and hungry. Some of them die! This accomplishes two things: It makes the new adults strong enough to survive and raise young of their own. It lets the mother meet her own needs and the needs of her new children. Moral: If the mother kept chewing for a few children, they would live longer but the whole species would die.

At Web-Church, we'll teach you to chew your own food. To be someone who, "___________ handles the word of truth (II Ti 2:15). In this study, you'll learn how to process God's Word, and have God's Word process you.

    B3.  Meaning Of Christian Stewardship:   We'll cover The Air of His Prosperity in this lesson. No plant can thrive without air, and no Christian will thrive without God's financial plan.  Every Christian organization I've visited has taught one thing about money…you should give it to them. Are you as sick of this as I am? The Bible's full of wisdom on how to get money, manage debt, invest, "plant" money to harvest more and…how, why and where to give. God loves a ________ _____ (II Co 9:7). We'll study all of it.

    B4.  What About Church Attendance?  This lesson is the Soil of His People. 9. The apostle John states (I Jn 3:14), "We know we have passed from _____ to _____ because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in _____." This isn't love because of some law, but His love overflowing in us for others. A large group in a commercial building can't have that kind of relationship. That's why we use small groups in homes as "church". Since we're called to socialize, it's much better to be in a group of two or three that love each other than a group of 50 or 50,000 who just pretend.

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