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Bible study topics in 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 3 cover Timothy's Report.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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1Thessalonians 3:

1.  Go back and read to 2:17-20.  What do you feel it means when Paul says Satan prevented him from visiting the Thessalonians?

2.  In Acts 17, it says the Bereans were more noble and receptive than the Thessalonians.  What do you feel changed from the time the Gospel to the time of this letter, which calls the Thessalonians "our glory and joy?"

3.  In your opinion, is 2, above, an example of Paul politely lying, proof the Bible is fallible, 2 different perspectives of the same events, or a genuine change?  Explain your choice!

4.  Paul says we were destined for persecution.  How does that differ from modern Christians' belief about God and struggles in life?

5.  Paul describes the ability to stand fast in the face of persecution as faith.  Some now preach that absence of struggle, even personal health and wealth are examples of faith.  Are these two teachings in conflict?  Explain!

6.  Look at verse 8, how do you feel Paul's "living" is linked to their standing firm in the faith?

7.  Consider other places in the world, today.  Are there any places where you know of Christians standing firm in the face of torture, poverty and death at the hands of enemies of Christ?

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