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Worship leadership and prayer are covered in the 1 Timothy, chapter 2 Bible study.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

1 Timothy, Chapter 2 Bible Study

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1 Timothy 2:

1.  Paul urges prayer for rulers and "all" those in authority.  How do you feel that applies to the leaders and authority figures in your life?  What if you don't agree with them? 

2.  Explain how you feel praying for leaders will help us, "live peaceful and quiet lives."

3.  How do you feel praying for leaders will help , "cause all men to be saved?"

4.  What is meant by Paul saying Christ's ransom is, "a testimony given in its proper time?"

5.  What is meant by the phrase, "lift up holy hands in prayer?"

6.  How do you feel verse 9-10 applies today in your culture?

7.  Vs 11-12 have been controversial for hundreds of years.  Do you feel the instructions given about women learning and teaching were to meet the norms of their culture or universally apply to all cultures and times?  Why?

8.  Add verses 13-14 to the discussion of question 7.  Do these verses argue for universal application or just the local context?  Why?

9.  Discuss verse 15 in light of Paul's well-known position that we are saved through faith.  How could both be true?   

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