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Christian Discipleship 3 finishes the outline with those practices required for a Christian Disciple to teach others and fellowship together.

Christian Discipleship Outline 3

Continued from Discipleship Outline-2

C. Blooming: At the beginning of maturity, plants begin to bud and then bloom. This course is designed to cultivate or discover in a follower of Jesus those things that make them attractive enough to reproduce. 

   C1.  9 Fruits Of The Spirit:  This lesson is dedicated to cultivating the "_____ of the ______." (Ga 5:22). Certainly, no one could claim Spiritual maturity until these fruit are predominant in their lives.

   C2.  7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit:  This lesson is for us to discover the Spiritual gifts. These special Spiritual abilities, "are the work of one and the ____ ______, and He gives them to each one, just as He __________." (I Co 12:11). We'll learn how we get these gifts, how to use and control them in the proper Biblical balance. Caution: Because we teach only the Bible, those who believe that certain gifts must be present or certain gifts must not be present may not be satisfied. Tough!!!

    C3.  Spiritual Gifts Of The Bible:  This lesson helps us discover the less popular gifts, sometimes called "ministry gifts".  These special Spiritual abilities are given so we can serve others. We'll learn how to acquire, identify and use them.

    C4.  Parable Of The Ten Talents:  Puts all the fruits and gifts together. We'll learn why we have them, what they're for and how to keep and increase them. We'll also learn the final steps to "getting fed" as a mature follower of Jesus.

D. Reproducing: Reproduction is the sign of all mature life...the successful cultivation of mature, reproducing adults. The same is true of Spiritual life.  Paul wrote (II Ti 2;2), "…the things you have heard __ ___…entrust to ________ men who will also be _________ to _____ others."

   D1.  Great Commandment-Commission:  In this lesson, we discover The Mission of a Christian. Why are we here? More important…why are you here? We'll discover the reason.

   D2.  Christian Small Groups:  "They devoted themselves to the Apostle's ________ and to the __________, to the ________ __ _____ and to ______…and the Lord added to their number _____ those who were being _____." (Acts 2:42 & 47)  This lesson begins to focus all we've learned together on a shared devotional life, where the Holy Spirit leads a small group of believers in regular devotion, a group service or ministry, and reproduction of other, similar groups.

    D3.  Church At Your House:  Week three compares the methods of Web-Church small groups with the traditional large commercial church model in as frank a manner as possible.

   D4.  Importance Of Church Membership:  This lesson will cover what things a church member feels responsible for and how they express those feelings. We'll discuss the difference between participation and membership (guest-vs-host). At the end, we'll give you an opportunity to decide if you want to continue as a Web-Church participant, accept the responsibility of membership or find another place and way to express your devotion to the Lord. Which you decide is unimportant…that you decide is critical for your further Spiritual development. "Simply let your ___ __ ___,’ and your __ __ __ anything beyond this comes from the ____ ___. (Mt 5:37)"

Now you have a Biblical outline of Christian discipleship.  I encourage you to continue through each of the lessons in order, with the goal of being a true follower of Jesus (disciple).

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