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Importance Of Church Membership covers the value of membership in a local church in general and in Web-Church, specifically. We've included links to related bible studies and an opportunity for a diploma.

Online Christian Discipleship School
LifeCycle Series D4

The Importance Of Church Membership

Instructions:  You can use the course online or print each lesson and fill in the blanks.  If you're taking these courses with the goal of receiving a diploma or becoming a member of Web-Church, you must answer and file a copy of each lesson to submit to Web-Church once you've completed all lessons.  If you wish to make a file copy, you can highlight the text and paste it into a text file.  Pay close attention to any affirmations, commitments or Bible memory verses at the end of lessons.  These are included to help cement the lesson content into your life.

Wow! Here you are at the end of the Christian Discipleship course. In the last lesson, you committed to prayerfully consider the things we cover in this lesson…in order to decide where and how you want to serve God. At the end of this lesson, I’ll ask you to pray and come to a decision about membership in Web-Church as your ‘home church’. Wherever you serve God, if you believe in Jesus, you are a member of the Christian Church.  I want you to know you can participate in all our activities, Bible studies, Prayer team, etc. whether you become a member or not. Also, let me tell you, it doesn’t matter where you call your ‘home church’. To be a true member of that church, you will need to commit your time, talents and treasure. It isn’t that anyone’s demanding that of you…it’s just that a true member has a sense of responsibility, of ownership. It’s that sense that commits you…not some signed form or promise on oath. We won’t have you do that, nor will any valid church. We trust God to lead you where He wants you. When you’re where God is leading you, no one will need to tell you to commit.

With that said, let’s get into what it looks like to be a member of Web-Church:

Benefits of Membership (see Bylaws):

1. Participation in business issues that affect the scope and effectiveness of this ministry.
2. Propose and comment on potential board members and/or corporate officers.
3. Access to corporate financial data, reports, etc.
4. Ability to participate in member chat rooms or buddy lists (possible in the future).

As you can see from this list, a Web-Church member has significant involvement in the business of E-Home Fellowship, Inc. (EHF). Because of this, we consider membership more akin to leadership than participation. Anyone can participate in Web-Church from day 1, whether we know them or not. Members are people who feel God has called them to serve Him through Web-Church and are willing to carry the responsibility that implies.

Responsibilities of Membership:

A member feels responsible for the success of this ministry. When considering Web-Church membership, think of it as a party, and decide whether God wants you to be a guest (participant) or a host (member). They both attend the party. The guest visits the party, talks to the hosts and other guests, takes part in the refreshment, sees the entertainment, and leaves. The host schedules the party, provides the facility, plans the party, provides the entertainment and refreshments, comes early to set up, greets all the guests, makes sure all the guests are comfortable, stays late to clean up, and pays all the expenses of the party. People who are members of Web-Church are ones who prefer to be the hosts. By some miracle of God, they feel the responsibilities of host are a privilege, not a burden. Members of Web-Church express their feeling of responsibility in the following ways:

1. They regularly pray for the Web-Church and EHF board, membership, participants and outreach.
2. They regularly participate in Web-Church ‘Gathering’ home group, Prayer Team, websites, etc.
3. They serve God in Web-Church through the Gathering and EHF web ministries.
4. They make Web-Church a significant part of their regular giving.
We’ve covered the Biblical basis of all these areas of Christian life in past sessions of this Discipleship Course.

Qualifications for Membership:

Because a member has significant involvement in our board selection and other ministry and business decisions, a prospective member must have demonstrated certain characteristics to be included in our membership:

1. Belief in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
2. Completion of the LifeCycle Discipleship Courses.
3. Acknowledgement of Web-Church as your home church.
4. Recent (over the last 6 months), regular participation in and support of Web-Church & EHF.

Continued at Church Membership-2

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