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I'm honored that you've allowed me to be a part of your Christian life.  Please return often for fellowship, study and prayer.  Thank you very much for visiting.
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We complete the Online Discipleship Course with an idea of where we're going and instructions on how to become a member or just get the diploma for the study. We've included links to related Bible studies.

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Where We’re Going:

1. Evangelism: As you know, evangelism is the focus of EHF and Web-Church ministries. We started in the year 2001 with a tiny website having only 7 outreach pages to help people with life problems. Even then, over 80 people a day visited, and 4 a day requested Jesus into their lives. As of Oct, 2005, we've grown to over 100 outreach pages and 1,500 visitors per day, with over 10 a day committing to Jesus. Many of the new Christians write us for help with their problems and with their new life. Soon, we'll be adding outreach discussion boards to let you participate in worldwide personal evangelism.  In other words, there is plenty of opportunity for people to serve God at or other EHF websites.

2. Fellowship: As you know, our LifeCycle Christian Discipleship Courses are finished. When we started the first website, we had a Worship page, the LifeCycle email course, and a weekly Bible Study. Now, we have multiple websites, the LifeCycle Courses are online, the weekly Worship service includes teaching and/or study questions and 5 streaming songs, there are additional weekly studies and we’ve added a number of Bible studies, streaming music library, Christian living articles and forums, and a Christian store.

This ain't your momma’s church!

Because we don’t waste ministry time and money on real estate development to build impressive buildings, we can grow as fast, as large, and as far as God leads our membership. In July 2007, alone, we had over 100,000 participants in over 150 countries. Think about where the Internet goes...that’s the ‘community’ our church operates in. Now, you may be getting a clue of what God is doing, here. If this is something you feel led to be a bigger part of, here’s your chance.

Please Pray: Spend some time chewing over the aspects of this ministry with God. Consider what responsibilities God would have you carry as a member of any church, and whether they apply here. Knowing what it means, ask the Lord if this is where He wants you to serve Him. If not, let me encourage you to keep looking for the place God wants you to serve Him. You’ll know you’re where God wants you when you feel the responsibilities of host are a privilege. No matter what, you’re welcome to participate as honored guests in all we do at Web-Church.

If Web-Church is where you feel God wants you to serve, Praise God! We can use your help. Here is how you can express your desire to be a member of Web-Church:

Send to Glen Williams via email or snail mail (address below) the following:

Your name, mailing address, phone # including area code & email address.
Names of family members living with you.
A statement of your belief in Jesus Christ.
A statement of your desire to make Web-Church your home church.
The number of people who meet with you regularly in your Gathering home group.
The email address (if different) you use to participate in Web-Church activities.
Copies of all 16 completed (answers filled in) sessions of the LifeCycle Christian Discipleship Courses.
You will receive via snail mail a diploma for successful completion of the courses.

If you don’t wish to be a member, but would like the diploma, send Copies of all 16 completed (answers filled in) sessions of the LifeCycle Christian Discipleship Courses and your name and address. (if you’ve sent the original email session answers, you don’t need to send them again, just the ones you haven’t sent.) via email to Glen Williams or via snail mail to:

Web-Church LifeCycle Courses
1390 Broadway, Ste B BMB 344
Placerville, Ca. 95709

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