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Bible study topics in Philippians, Chapter 3 cover the source of righteousness and pressing on.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Philippians, Chapter 3 Bible Study

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Philippians 3:

1.  What "dogs" do you feel Paul referred to?

2.  What does it mean to put no confidence in the flesh?  Give examples!

3.  In your observation, are there Christian denominations or churches who put confidence in the flesh?  Explain!

4.  Why does Paul seem to consider religious righteousness "rubbish?"

5.  Where does true righteousness come from and how do we get it?

6.  What do you feel Paul means in saying he has not already attained all of this (vs 12)?

7.  Considering Paul is in prison, what do you feel is ahead of Paul that he's straining toward?

8.  Since Paul calls us mature Christians to have the same attitude, explain how you feel this applies to your life.

9.  Why do you feel Paul encourages us to follow his example rather than do what he says?  How is that different from Christian leaders today?

10.  In vs 18-19, is Paul referring to people within or outside the church?  Explain!

11.  What does Paul mean by saying Christ will transform our bodies? 

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