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Bible study topics in Philippians, Chapter 4 cover attitude, prayer, peace and giving.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Philippians, Chapter 4 Bible Study

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Philippians 4:

Note:  To get a complete understanding of this chapter, remember Paul is in prison and the Philippian Christians are being persecuted.

1.  What does verse 1 have to do with the previous chapter?

2.  On what basis do you feel Paul tells the Philippians to rejoice?

3.  Considering how much these people are suffering, how do verses 5-7 give us a model for prayer in our struggles?  Is Paul telling them to thank God after He answers their prayer or before?

4.  What must your life be like if having the peace of God is beyond all understanding?

5.  Verse 8 is one of the most quoted least followed Scriptures.  How do you feel thinking on these things would help you get through or avoid hard times?  A good companion verse is Romans 12:2  How do you feel verse 8 would renew your mind?

6.  How would learning how to be content in every situation change your experience of life?  How does Paul say he is enabled to be content?

7.  How does Paul's discussion of giving and ministry support differ from those you hear today?

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