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Bible study topics in Colossians, Chapter 1 cover the supremacy of Christ.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Colossians 1 Bible Study Supremacy Of Christ:

1.  According to verse 9, how do you feel we get knowledge of God's will?

2.  Who do you feel Paul says is the image of the invisible God?

3.  How do you feel Christ could have created all things before Jesus was born?

4.  Scientists say all things are held together by gravity.  According to Paul, how does everything get held together?

5.  What do you feel it means to us that Christ is the firstborn from among the dead?

6.  What do you feel it means to have the fullness of God dwelling in you?

7.  What do you feel it means to be without blemish and free from accusation? 

8.  Do you feel this applies to you?  Why/why not?

9.  In vs 23, Paul says the gospel has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven.  How do you think that was done?

10.  What do you feel Paul means when he says he fills up in his flesh what was still lacking in Christ's afflictions?

11.  What is the mystery Paul refers to in vs 26, and why do you feel this mystery is the Word of God in its fullness?

12.  What does this phrase mean to you?  'Christ in you, the hope of glory." 

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