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Bible study topics in Colossians, Chapter 2 cover Christ's supremacy over worldly Law.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Colossians 2, Christ over the Law:

1.  Give some examples of times you felt people were deceived by fine-sounding arguments.

2.  Do you feel Paul was worried about people outside or inside the church deceiving them?  Why?

3.  Give some examples of hollow deceptive philosophy based on human traditions being taught in churches today.

4.  Does Paul mean in vs 9-10 that the fullness of God has been given to us?  Explain!

5.  If Christ is the head over every power and authority, how and why do you feel evil governments come into existance?

6.  What does it mean when we are baptized?

7.  What did Christ do to the Law and what does that mean for your life today?

8.  Consider church services, holidays and the various rules given by churches today for what we should eat or drink, all in light of vs 16-17.  Are there any contradictions?

9.  Give some examples you've seen of false humility.  How can someone acting humble be puffed up at the same time?

10.  Paul asks a good question in vs 20-23.  Since we died with Christ, why are we still following worldly religious rules that don't restrain us?  What do you feel he means?  

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