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Bible study topics in Ephesians, Chapter 1 cover Spiritual Blessings, Predestination and our experience in Him.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

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Ephesians Chapter 1, Spiritual Blessings, Predestination, Experiencing Him:

1.  Give examples of what you think a spiritual blessing to us in the heavenly realms might be.

2.  How do you feel God could have chosen us before the creation of the World?

3.  How do you feel it's possible for us to choose to be Christians or not (vs 13), if He "predestined us," to be adopted?  Yes, there is an answer...think about it.

4.  What do you feel Paul means by "when times will have reached their fulfillment?"

5.  When do you think Paul is referring to when all things in heaven and earth will be under Christ?

6.  How do vs 11-12 help explain question 3 above?

7.  What is this seal Paul refers to and how does it guarantee our inheritance in Christ?

8.  Take a moment to ponder vs 18 through 21:

a.  How does your experience of God compare to Paul's description?  Dou you know why you were called, the riches of His inheritance, His great power?

b.  Do you feel the eyes of your heart could be opened?

c.  Is there anything that God is revealing to you which may be blinding you and keeping you from fully experiencing Him?  Pray about this one. 

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