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Bible study topics in Ephesians, Chapter 6 cover Christian children, parents, workers and the armor of God.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Ephesians, Chapter 6 Bible Study

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Ephesians 6:

1.  Why should children honor and obey their parents?

2.  What do you feel it means to exasperate your children?

3.  Who is responsible to train your children in the Lord?

4.  Explain the differences/advantages/disadvantage of allowing someone else...nanny, Minister, Sunday School teacher, to train your children in the Lord?

5.  How do you feel someone became a slave at the time Paul was writing?  What did slavery involve?

6.  How do you feel vs 5-8 would apply to employees, today?

7.  What do you think would happen to an employee who served his employer with sincerity and dedication as if he were serving Jesus?

8.  Do you feel vs 5-9 suggest God approves of slavery?  Why/why not?

9.  If Paul says we need the full armor of God, what does that suggest Christian life is going to be like?  Give example from your own life.

10.  List the pieces of armor and next to each piece, list how you put on and use this armor each day.

11.  Do you feel the Church is struggling against flesh and blood or spiritual forces?  Give examples.  How about your struggle?

12.  What do you feel Paul means by praying in the Spirit?  See 1 Co 14:14-15 and Romans 8:26.

13.  How do you feel praying in the Spirit relates to the armor of God?

14.  How often should we pray in the Spirit?  Why?

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