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Bible study topics in Ephesians, Chapter 3 cover the mystery of Christ, confidence before God, and the fullness of God.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Ephesians, Chapter 3 Bible Study

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Ephesians 3:

1.  Paul starts chapter 3 with "For this reason..." What in chapter 2 do you feel he was referring to?

2.  Why do you feel Paul says that the Jewish and Gentiles becoming one through Christ was a mystery before that time?

3.  Why would the promise of Jesus Christ be something Jewish people would be interested in?

4.  What do you think Paul was called by God to do?

5.  How is it that the church can make known the wisdom of God to authorities in heavenly realms?

6.  What do you feel it means to approach God with confidence?

7.  Paul refers to being a prisoner of Christ (vs1) and to his own sufferings (vs 13).  What do you think Paul was suffering at the time he wrote the Ephesians?

8.  What do you feel it would be like to be "filled to...all the fullness of God?"

9.  Based on the end of this chapter, what is it that God can't do?  What problems do you have that God can't solve?

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