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Bible study topics in Galatians, Chapter 3 cover the doctrine of salvation by faith.   The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

Galatians, Chapter 3 Bible Study

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Galatians 3:

1.  Paul asks the Galatians whether they received the Spirit by believing in Christ or by obeying the Law.  Explain how you feel you received Christ.  Was it by performing some act or by just believing in Him?

2.  How do you feel Abraham was "saved?"

3.  What do you feel the Bible means by, "The righteous shall live by faith?" 

4.  How does this prove the Law does not make you righteous? 

5.  How does Christ's sacrifice fulfill the God's promise that all nations will be blessed through Abraham?

6.  What do you feel the modern word would be for Paul's words, "covenant" or "promise".

7.  According to Paul, what was the purpose of the Law, since the promise was already in existence?

8.  How do you feel the Law can lead us to Christ? 

9.  What does faith in Jesus Christ make us?

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