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This 1 Corinthians Outline helps us get a handle on all the topics and issues the Apostle Paul covers in the book and to set the framework for our chapter studies.  The questions are designed for personal or group inductive style Bible study and discussion.

1 Corinthians Outline

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Prayerfully read through 1 Corinthians with this outline in mind to stay focused on topic.

I.  Division In The Church

Chapter 1:  Division

Chapter 2:  Wisdom Of God vs Wisdom Of Man

Chapter 3-4:  Ministers

II.  Moral & Ethical Disorders In The Church

Chapter 5:  Immorality

Chapter 6:  Saints At Law

III.  Instruction On Marriage

Chapter 7:  Marriage

IV  Instruction On Questionable Practices

Chapter 8:  Christian Liberty

Chapter 9:  Apostolic Authority

Chapter 10:  Idolatry

Chapter 11:  The Lord's Supper

V.  Instruction On Public Worship

Chapter 12:  Definition Of Spiritual Gifts

Chapter 13:  Motivation Of Spiritual Gifts-Love

Chapter 14:  Regulation Of Spiritual Gifts

VI.  Instruction On The Resurrection

Chapter 15:  Instruction On The Resurrection

Chapter16:  Salutations

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