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Ending the controversy over who the real Christians least that's my prayer.  Get past the doctrines and politics and to the heart of faith.

Christians vs Mormons?

The recent election cycle in the US has brought an old controversy to a new, public, and embarrassing level.  This article isn't about politics, but about how people on both sides, by pointing fingers and making claims, discredit themselves, rather than their intended targets.  There are factions in both camps, who strongly believe that members of the other camp are not part of God's family.  The truth is, all genuine Christians are part of God's family and some of them are Mormons.  Now that I've offended both camps, let's discuss the reasoning.

The Usual Accusations:

As the former Baptist minister put it, "Can a Mormon be a Christian?"  We all know his question was rhetorical, meant to suggest the answer was, "No."  This belief is common among what is called the "Evangelical" Christians.  What may not be as commonly known, is the belief common among Mormons, that non-Mormons are not true Christians.  I learned this in High School, while trying to take Communion when visiting a Mormon church.  Though I had been a Christian for 4 years, I was not allowed to celebrate Christ through communion.  There are traditional Christian churches who do the same thing, but a "closed" communion sends a strong message that, "only we are the true Christians."  I don't know about the rest of the Christian church, but I'm about sick of all this doctrinal exclusion and condemnation.  

Doctrinal Teachings vs Belief:

I've reviewed the doctrinal statements and practices of most denominations in the US and found exactly none in harmony with the Bible.  It's one of the main reasons my ministry is not affiliated with any of them.  Where do any of us get off saying who is and who isn't Christian?  The Bible says we can't even know our own hearts, let alone the hearts of others.  In all our "great doctrinal knowledge," we get so puffed up, we think anyone who has a slightly different understanding of God, must be wrong...even a heretic.  Again, not one of us has perfectly aligned our understanding with God's revelation of Himself.  If we had, we'd be God.  Sadly, that's probably what some of us believe about ourselves.  Christianity is based on simple faith that seems to elude most people with Rev. in front of their names, or MDIV or DDIV behind them.

What Is A Christian?

A Christian simply believes Jesus is the Christ, who died for our sins and rose back to life on the third day.  We believe this enough to accept Him in our lives and let His Spirit guide us.  Anyone who has this simple belief is a Christian.  Anyone who claims that it takes something more or less than this simple belief to be a Christian, is not serving Christ.  Here is a simple belief statement I wrote to boil all of Scripture down to the few things that are essential.  Still, the Bible is even more inclusive than that.  If anyone has come upon God and followed Him through observation of nature or religion or superstition, they are saved by Jesus and included in the family of God(see Romans 2).  Three things God requires of us...justice, mercy and humility. 

The Bottom Line is, if someone is Mormon, Baptist, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, anything else, or nothing else, if they have this simple belief in Jesus, they are Christians.  If they follow God, they are children of God even if they've never heard the name Jesus, just like all those faithful followers of God who died before Christ was born...they are all Christians.  Those of you in the habit if excluding this one for this and that one for that, be careful.  Jesus said, "You reap what you sow."

What is your opinion?   

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