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In this article, we discuss just what happens if someone dies without ever hearing of Jesus. Learn God's plan for infant death and all those adults who died before Jesus or in remote places where they never heard of Him.

What Happens If They Never Heard Of Jesus?

A 2,000 year old question is, "If salvation is through Christ, what happens to people who die before they hear about Christ?"  This is a good question that requires we apply the Bible as a whole, rather than pick and choose favorite verses.  While the question may seem like an attack on Christianity, if we aren't defensive, a solid answer could help someone choose to follow Christ.  Hopefully, this article will provide such an answer.

Salvation Through Christ:

There is no question that salvation is through Jesus, the Christ, as the Bible says, but this seems to unfairly exclude those who haven't heard of Him, until we get the complete Biblical context.  First of all, before creation, God knew we would reject Him through Adam and made a provision for us to be reconciled to Himself (our Creator and Father), if we so chose.  God, the Son, was the provision.  He was the One through whom the world was created, the One we rejected and therefore, the only One who could reconcile us.  He chose to be born a human, die at our hands, and raise Himself back to life, as a testimony of God's undying love for us and power to forgive us and give us everlasting life with Him.  All we have to do is accept Him for who He is.  But, if He is the only way we can have this everlasting life, what happens to the ones who never heard of Him?

Died Before Hearing Gospel?

Since Jesus, there have likely been billions of people who died without hearing of Him.  Those in remote regions and those who died before being able to hear and act on the Gospel message.  While we may think eternity without God is fitting for the jerks of the world, we can all agree it would be unfair for an infant to suffer such a fate.  There is hope!  God doesn't want anyone to suffer this way.  He made Himself apparent through the order of creation and placed His Law in our hearts, so that, if we, by nature, followed Him, we would be saved...through faith in the unseen God.  It's no coincidence that all genuine religions share common's a miracle of God.  If we, on the other hand, reject our Creator and choose to live contrary to His Law, and we die before accepting Him, we have chosen eternity without Him.  No one is going to be condemned unless they choose to stay on the bus heading for condemnation.  So, we're saved by believing in Jesus or by believing in our Creator apparent through nature...Jesus.  But what about all those people who died before Jesus was born?    

Died Before Jesus Was Born?

How could these people be saved if they died before Christ paid the price for their salvation?  They didn't!  Linear time is something we live within, but God does not.  He is (present tense) the beginning and the end.  Past, present and future are all one continual "present" to God.  What God does is done for all eternity.  This is why the Bible says Christ is the One through whom all things were made and He holds all things together by the power of His Word.  So Jesus, the Christ, is the One they all worshiped right back to Adam.  There is no separating Him from the One God who expresses Himself as different persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He is the One in whom we live and move and exist.  We can't worship the Father without acknowledging the Son.   

So Why Share The Gospel?

Jesus, the Christ, is the living testimony that God loves us so much, He became human and lived with us.  While others teach of a distant God who may or may not accept us.  Christ is the God who loves us so much, He is always with us, waiting and asking for us to accept Him, so He can bless us with life forever in His loving presence.  The question isn't, "Why should we share this good news?"  When we see people hurting and struggling, thinking this cruel world is all they have and thinking humans are the supreme beings, we should be asking ourselves, "How can we share this good news of Jesus Christ?  Here are 2 websites set up for this very purpose, where, without being preachy, you can help people find the God who loves them and will help with their problems:  Family and Life Problems  Health Issues and Answers  Once you know what someone is struggling with, just lead them to the help page on that topic and let it lead them to Christ.  Once they learn that Christ is the intimate, loving God who wants to be accepted, who wants to help them and love them forever, how can they reject Him?

Whether people have heard of Christ specifically, God has made a way for them, through Christ.  God is unchanging and eternally faithful.  He is a loving God who wants nothing more than to bless each of us, forever. 

How did you first hear about the good news?

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