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Learn some of the amazing evidence of the eternal spiritual universe of the Bible, and why the physical world is a mere temporary illusion by comparison.

Spiritual Reality Over Physical Illusion

The thing that throws most of us Christians is actually thinking in terms of eternity.  Unfortunately, the physical world we find ourselves in is a great distraction from what's really going on, spiritually.  It's upsetting to see war or other distress in the world, and sometimes it shakes our faith in God.  But, the physical is just a temporary illusion compared to the vast eternal reality of the spiritual universe, where nothing good is ever lost.  In this article, we'll consider some of the glimpses into spiritual reality the Bible gives us, so, be ready for your mind to stretch a bit. 

Everything Physical Is Temporary:  We know this from experience, from science, and from the Bible, yet the physical world is so much of our consciousness, we find it difficult to escape to even consider what else might be.  What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell are often all many humans accept as real, while the true reality lies beyond our senses or understanding, in a realm the Bible calls spirit, or heaven, for lack of a suitable noun in human language.  The Bible refers to us as so temporary, we're but a vapor in the wind.  In fact, everything physical is "dying," from the tiniest of atoms to the largest of suns.  As children, we're shocked by the death of animals and people we love.  As we grow older, we realize everything dies, even us.  The Bible describes aspects of the physical world (like relationships, growth, love, family, kingdoms, cities) as copies, or images of the spiritual reality.  Even humans are said to be created in God's image...physical people, made to be like a spiritual God.  The fact is, according to the Bible, what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell are the illusion, a temporary representation of the eternal, spiritual reality.

Spiritual Universe Is Real:  In fact, the spiritual universe is the only thing that's real.  What we experience is a weak reflection of the spiritual.  The Bible's pretty clear on the subject, calling God, the beginning and the end.  God calls Himself, "I am," to show that He is eternally existent in past, present and future all at once.  You say, how can this be?  Exactly!  In our physical illusion, it can't!   Jesus said of Himself, "before the beginning of time, I am."  This, of course, led to His execution, because he was calling Himself God.  The Bible says Christ was the One who created all things, who holds all things together, in Him we live and move and have our being.  How could Jesus create the world before He was born?  Only in the spiritual reality!   The Bible is full of testimonies of human interaction with the spiritual and many miraculous interventions from the spiritual to our physical world.  The Bible isn't the only source of evidence, though.  Almost every culture in the world testifies to interaction with a spiritual universe.  Science agrees, though often reluctantly.

The science of linguistics is finding evidence of the spiritual reality documented in the Bible.  They've traced all known languages back to three, which originated in the area of the Middle East and Northern Africa.  They believe these languages to be from one "Mother Tongue" of an ancestral tribe originating in that area.  The science of anthropology has found every tribe or ethnic group, no matter how remote, shares folklore of creation by a deity, a fall from grace and a catastrophic event that destroyed most of the world (creation, original sin, the flood).  Are we to believe this all coincidence, or is it evidence of the spiritual reality documented in the Bible?  Is it coincidence that the only document with no contradictions in over 10,000 ancient manuscripts is the Bible?  I'd say God wanted to get His story out and made sure it wasn't mistaken...evidence of the spiritual reality. 

Albert Einstein was a well known physicist who believed in an impersonal Creator God.  Any honest scientist is forced to admit we don't know where we came from or how we got here...the theories of evolution and big bang are just the best guess we can come up with, based on observation.   In fact, Stephen Hawking, a popular modern scientist, has said these theories cannot be proven, and when pressed to explain where everything ultimately came from, has said..."God," because there was no empirical evidence otherwise.  After centuries of study, science has no better explanation for our origin than the Bible.

Eternity Is Now:  Possibly the best evidence we have of the eternal spiritual reality, are the the daily spontaneous acts of unselfishness happening all over the world, from giving food to a stranger to giving one's life to save another.  These are signs of a greater Purpose operating among us.  The Bible says we have eternal life, we have the mind of Christ, we are seated in heaven with Christ...all in present tense.  Eternity isn't some future thing.  It's past, present and future, all now.  The Kingdom of heaven isn't somewhere in the's here and now...among us and within us.  In this reality it's possible for Christ to create the world, then be born, be killed and rise from the dead as a promise for our eternal life, and that of our loved ones who die physically.  The Bible describes those who we think are dead and gone as a "great cloud of witnesses" to our lives.  A theoretical physicist might say they were in another dimension which we can't see or measure.  Stephen Hawking might call it one of God's invisible dice throws.  Then the world might accept what we Christians don't understand, but believe by faith, that the physical world we live in is a faint, imperfect reflection of spiritual eternity...the true reality.  Once we get a sense of that reality, the things we see around us aren't so difficult, any more.

What evidence have you seen of the spiritual reality?

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