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Learn a simple key to Christian life: mercy trumps judgment.  Find out how Mercy can be a powerful tool for Christian living and testimony. 

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Although I did the same at the beginning of my return to Christ, it still amazes me how many Christians appoint themselves judge of the World.  It's as though, once saved by the work of Jesus Christ, we take credit for the work and think ourselves somehow better than everyone else.  Sadly, this very attitude is harming everyone involved or discussed in the process.  Once we get the right attitude, one of mercy and compassion, everyone benefits...especially us.  

Holier Than Thou:

"I don't want people like that in my church."  Well, then, you don't want people in your church.  Even you are, "people like that," unless Christ died for nothing.  Though some churches are run like it, Christianity isn't an earned status.  We've done nothing to be proud of, nothing that puts us in a position superior to anyone else. 

If we're anything, it's Jesus who did it, so get off your high horse!  We're all equal before the Lord, fallen, imperfect, unworthy humans.  If anything makes any of us less worthy of salvation, it's the attitude that somehow we're more worthy than the most wretched soul.  Why would it make us less worthy?  Because a person with that attitude believes that it was not Jesus, but himself who did the work of salvation.    

Who Does Judgment Help?

This attitude of judgment isn't helpful of anyone.  As I mentioned, it hurts the one with the attitude because they are denying the work of Christ.  Judgment hurts the one being judged, because they already feel they're their judge is confirming there is no hope for them.  It hurts, Jesus, because it makes Him out to be a spiteful, vindictive God, who seeks opportunities to punish rather than to redeem.  Judgment blocks access of the people to a forgiving God.  For more information about God's attitude toward His people who are judgmental, look up Pharisee in your Bible.  The fact is, no one is helped...everyone is hurt by judgment.

Who Does Mercy Help?

Just as judgment hurts everyone, mercy helps everyone.  The merciful person is blessed as a faithful follower of Jesus.  God requires that we do right, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.  Jesus called for us to correct ourselves and threatened to judge us with the same judgment we give others.  Even in the Lord's prayer he links our forgiveness of others to His forgiveness of us.  There is no question that mercy helps the one being merciful.

Mercy also helps the one receiving it.  It paves the way for every human, no matter how wretched he feels, to a kind and loving God.  Not judgment, but God's kindness leads to repentance.   It's the mercy of God's ambassadors who perform the ministry of reconciliation, uniting a needy world with a loving God.  Our mercy, then, helps Christ reach the lost and build up His body.  Mercy is the way everyone can be helped.

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment:

John said, "God is this world, we are like Him."  On the day Christ paid for our sins, Jesus proved with His life, the words later to be written by James, "Mercy triumphs over judgment."  As He was dying from the judgment of the Pharisees, He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."  Mercy won!  Mercy still wins today, every time it's tried.  Try it, yourself!  Instead of attacking back when attacked, forgive.  Instead of making judgments about people, try making a connection.  Jesus was known as a friend of sinners.  Are we like Him in this world?  We can be.  All we need to do is let mercy triumph over judgment.

How have you seen mercy and judgment practiced?

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