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Learn how God reveals Himself by leaving evidence all around us, and how He has done so since creation.

Evidence Of God

This article isn't to convince anyone who does not believe in God.  Rational discussion doesn't work with people who have decided what they believe, so, atheists are safe to read on.  For the rest of us, God is, at least, a possibility, an inkling of thought, and at most, the most powerful Being that ever has been or will be.  Over the last few hundred years, our increasingly technocratic society has led more people to doubt God's existence and lean towards the scientific model.  This article will put forth evidence of God we can see, to help the doubters recognize the real forces at work.

Scientific Evidence The God Of The Bible Exists:  We'll start with the easy stuff.  Some things happen randomly, like rolling 7 on a pair of dice.  If we continue to roll 7's, we begin to suspect an unseen force.  With dice, the force is usually a "load," causing them to land that way.  With the world, the unseen Force has left a lot of scientific evidence.  The following are a few samples:

Out of hundreds of thousands of ancient books and historical records, the Bible is the only book with over 10,000 authentic ancient manuscripts in existence.  It's the only book where all ancient manuscripts agree on all main points.  Despite the fact that it covers thousands of years of history and hundreds of nations rising and falling, none of the Bible has ever been proven to be factually in error.  Archeologists have confirmed the Bible by finding lost cities and records of people, like Nineveh and the prophet Jonah.  Anthropologists have found stories in every remote tribal group on every continent, of man's fall from grace, exile from "Eden," and a great catastrophic event that wiped out almost all of life...The Flood?  Geneticists believe they have found such similarity in the human genome, that we must have descended from one set of parents...Noah?  Linguists have discovered a "Mother Tongue," linking all languages back to 3 distinct ancient and related languages, believed to be from Biblical lands...Noah's sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth?  As the scientific evidence piles up, at some point everyone will have to admit there is an unseen Force at work.

Counter-Scientific Evidence Of God:  This one will be a little harder to follow, but definitely worth working through.  The Bible says all of the universe was designed by our Creator and is held together by Him, that we live and move and exist, "in Him."  To believe this definitely requires faith, but hundreds of years of scientific effort has yet to disprove this belief.  Everything we can actually verify about our origins is consistent with this belief in the Creator.  All of it could have been created by a Being so intelligent and powerful as to think it all through and put it in place, fully functioning and in harmony...Intelligent Design.  When He said, "Let there be..." there was, everywhere in the universe, everything needed for it to function was put in motion.  We only need to look around and see how well everything works to see evidence of the Designer. 

We come on the scene about 6-10,000 years later, don a lab coat and say, "I have a better idea. It all just happened!"  That's scientific!  The Theories of Evolution and Big Bang are based on faith that humans are the most intelligent and powerful beings (God help us), and everything just popped up at random.  Now, the majority of people and their governments adopt this new, unproven Evolution Theory, and abandon the one that's been accepted for several thousand years and never been disproven.  Believers in God are taught this unproven theory as fact, and pressured to go along.  Sometimes you can see God by the actions of His enemy.

Historical Evidence Of God:  Israel is described in the Bible as God's chosen people.  Israel has had at least four more-powerful-nations set out to wipe out their entire population...and lose in the process.  Pharaoh tried, by killing every male child, then chasing Israel into the Red Sea, only to drown, himself, along with the entire army of Egypt.  Haman tried, at about 500 BC, by talking King Xerxes into hanging them.  He ended up hanged.  Hitler tried, in the 1930's and 40's.  Now the Islamic extremists are trying to do it again, targeting Israel and their adopted family, the Christians.  The fact that God's people are the only ones over history, repeatedly targeted for annihilation, is evidence God has an unseen enemy at work.  The fact that God's people always survive, is evidence of God.  In the Bible, Jesus predicted how the world would treat God's people and how He would respond.  He also predicted that famines, disease, earthquakes and wars would increase until He returned. Despite our technology and governance, the 20th century was considered the bloodiest in history, with roughly 200 million people killed in wars and political upheavals, not to mention earthquakes, famines and plagues.  Since 2000, we're on pace to far exceed that terrible record, confirming the prophecy of Jesus, 2,000 years ago.

Evidence of God is all around us for anyone who's eyes are open.  We see Him in what's listed above, or in something as simple as a voluntary act of unselfishness.  We each have a choice whether to believe in Him or deny Him.  As history draws closer to the end, the unseen hand of God's enemy will be more forceful, trying to eliminate faith in God.  We can choose to look at the overwhelming evidence, at how often and in how many ways the dice keep coming up 7.  Or, we can side with the enemy, choosing to believe it all happened by chance...but that would be a real crapshoot.

What things do you feel are evidence God or His enemy?

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