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Jesus-Teachings In Personal Evangelism evaluates our modern evangelistic mission against what Christ taught about reaching people through love and good works.

Jesus-Teachings In Personal Evangelism

Do you ever get the feeling we Christians have lost touch with our evangelistic mission?  I ministered in "evangelical" churches for 11 years and never felt like there was much concern for the poor lost people who don't know God.  There was a lot of talk about how bad it was "out there" but precious few were willing to go "out there" to make it better.  This article is to help us take a closer look at the evangelistic character of Jesus so we can become more like Him to help a sick and dying world.  Here are some of the top-selling recent books on personal evangelism.

Christian Evangelism-More Walk Than Talk:

The Bible portrays a highly religious Israel eagerly awaiting the Messiah so they can have their eternal bliss and those "heathens" can be punished.  It reminds me of what I've seen in many churches, today.  But, take a look at how the New Testament portrays Jesus.  A friend of sinners!  Seeking the lost!  A doctor for the sick!  In fact, the only people He ever preached against were those religious people who considered themselves, "the chosen."  No wonder they crucified Him!  We tend to think of ourselves as "the chosen" and preach against "sinners" as if we're somehow better than them.

When we do go out to "save" people we often end up doing more arguing than loving.  Take a look at how Jesus reached people.  He loved them!  He was right there with them in their hurt.  He joined them at parties.  He touched them and He let them touch Him.  He forgave their sins before they even asked.  He had compassion on them.  Where is our compassion?  I have a 1-question compassion test!.  You can use it to survey yourself and those you fellowship with, to see if you share the love of Jesus or the religion of Pharisees.  Here comes the test:  If he were seeking the help of Jesus to straighten his life out, would you welcome into your church a pedophile?  Reaching people with the love of Jesus is more walk than talk.  If we're going to be the salt and the light of the world, we must be willing to lose the robes of the Pharisees and judges and become friends of sinners.

Evangelism Teachings of Christ:

Jesus taught that our good deeds would be a light that leads people in the world to praise God.  Since He teaches later in the same sermon about giving, I get the impression He's talking here about things we actually do for people.  Maybe not so much what "the Church" is doing, but what are you doing?  Is there someone who needs their lawn mowed?  Do they need to be taken to a doctor appointment?  Can you carry their groceries for them, or just let them go ahead of you in line?  Do they need help with their schoolwork or just someone to sit at the lunch table with them?  Let's open our hearts to things we can do wherever we are to shine the light of good works, so people will praise our Father.  Jesus taught that we are to love each other, our neighbors and our enemies...that love is the whole Law and it is how the world will know we are His.  He told us to go into the world to make followers of Him, not to use Christian churches, clubs, aerobics, fitness centers, restaurants, concerts, etc. to shelter ourselves from the world.  Jesus said we would "be"'s who we are, not what we say that matters.  1 John says "God is this world, we are like Him."  It's clear from the New Testament, if we just forget religion and live the love of Jesus, people won't avoid us...they'll ask how to get what we've got. 

Love In Action-Who Jesus Is:

Jesus isn't a religion.  A Savior isn't someone who says, "I'm gonna let you drown unless you follow my rules."  The Savior, first, saves us from peril and then teaches and helps us to avoid peril.  A Redeemer doesn't say, "Earn the price of your own freedom."  Instead, He pays the price, not expecting anything in return.  A Deliverer is an action figure, not just a talker.  The word "Gospel" means good news...not condemnation.  If we Christians are to spread the Gospel in a way hurting people can respond, then we must become love in action...that's what Jesus teaches about evangelism...that's how we follow's who He is.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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