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Continued from Faith And Science-An Unnecessary Battle

Environment In Light Of Faith And Science:

Considering that 40 years ago the climate experts were worried about a catastrophic event called global cooling and predicting a new ice age, it's amazing to me that the global warming advocates get anything beyond a sympathetic pat on the head.  Still, this theory is gaining worldwide acceptance as fact and as the basis of policies to massively restructure the world economy.  Again, I'm not going to try to disprove the theory, just to show that the theory has not been proven according to the tenets of real science.  The question of warming is unproven scientifically, because of unreliable temperature data beyond 100 years ago, coupled with biased data on ice caps and sea level.  North pole shrinkage has not been balanced in the data with the increase in size of the Antarctic continent.  There were no historical sea level measurements taken to support the "rising" sea level claim.  Even if it were rising, the data hasn't accounted for other possible causes like sub-sea geological events and sediment from natural water erosion of all continents.

But, let's assume the world is warming and the sea is rising as they say.  No empirical data exists to prove this is anything more than a normal fluctuation of our environment.  The factors involved in this are vast.  The sun's radiation, volcano's, space dust, the total bio balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen and many other factors are interrelated and interact with each other as they fluctuate.  To say we understand how all of this works is a gross exaggeration...we can't even measure most of it.  To say humans caused can draw your own conclusions.  I don't recall the source, but one global warming expert I read stated that we know so little about how all these factors interact that any "solutions" we adopt now could cause the very catastrophic event we're trying to prevent.  The whole ethanol issue serves to demonstrate his point.  After science insisted for decades on the environmental benefits of ethanol, laws were passed to force us to retrofit our energy, automotive and agricultural industries to use it.  Now, further studies, considering the whole production and shipping process empirically prove that fossil fuels are less environmentally harmful and less costly, as well.  Global warming is well worth a serious investment in study...but just study...until we're doing more than guessing.

This doesn't mean things can't be done for the environment.  Most of what the global warming extremists claim to want are just good conservation practices.  True faith and true science have absolutely no disagreement on the ideals of conserving resources, reducing pollution, finding alternative and renewable energy resources, etc.  These are goals we share!  People of faith have a great sense of responsibility for the environment and everything in it...we believe we were given that responsibility by God.    In fact, introducing a fake science issue like global warming into the discussion makes it more difficult to work together to solve the real problems. There really isn't a battle between true faith and true science...we just have to get past the extremism. 

Finding Knowledge And Truth:

Both faith and science have their "boys who cried wolf."   Their rants serve no purpose but to destroy the credibility of those they claim to represent.  Unfortunately, when there really is a wolf, no one will believe them.  As the environment issue shows, if scientists stick to true science and the faithful, true faith, we can find much in common.  All the background political noise of fake science and fake faith are removed and we're left with the pursuits of knowledge and truth...which are the same thing.   

Truth without knowledge is useless.  Knowledge without truth is delusion.

Jesus said, "if we continue in His teaching we will know the truth and the truth will free us."  We must know the truth before it can free us.  We must continue to pursue the truth to ever have a hope of knowing it.  The faithful pursues truth from a spiritual perspective and the scientist, from the physical, but we both seek to grow in our knowledge of the truth.  In this pursuit, by resisting the distractions of extremism, we can learn and grow and work together in trust, to build a very promising future for all of us.

What are your feelings about religious or scientific extremism?

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