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We conclude our Biblical description of the purpose of a Christian life. In this Bible study, we explore why each of us was left on Earth after being saved.

Continued from  Great Commandment

B. Making Disciples:

1. Read Acts 1:8:
Do you feel "witness" is something we are to do or something we are to be?
How effective do you feel the modern practice of verbally "witnessing" is?
Do you feel He meant for us to verbally convince people to commit their lives to Him?
If Jesus truly meant we are to "be" witnesses, what do you feel that would mean?

2. Read Mt 5:14-16:
What kinds of "good deeds" do you feel would so dramatically show people the "light" that they praise our Father in heaven?
Comparing this to just telling people about Jesus, which do you feel could better reach people's hearts? Why?

3.) Read Mt 22:37-40, Mt 5:43-45 & Jn 13:34-35:
What groups or individuals are excluded from those we are to love?
Describe some times you've recently fallen short of this command?
How do you feel love relates to being a witness for Jesus?
If someone didn't genuinely love you, is there anything they could say that would make you want to change your life?

Note: Once someone has seen Jesus in you, through love and good deeds, they will be drawn by the Spirit to ask you for help or to get what you've got or just to want to know Him. If you have trouble coming up with the words at this point, just take them to 

C. The Next Step:"Teaching them to obey all I've commanded you." (baptizing can come after they learn about it). This is easy, too, since you completed this course, just go through it with them or encourage them to go to and take it themselves. Give them a Bible, pray with them, study with them, eat with them…be their loving friend (more on this later).

D. Passing The Mission On: Read II Tim 2:2: Did Paul say to entrust the passing on of the Gospel to everyone? Don't get discouraged if some, even many, are not as reliable as you (read Lk 8:5-15). When you find the precious few who will go to producing a harvest, praise God. These are the true disciples. Spend most of your time with them, making sure their understanding is right, their motives are pure and your relationship is solid. Give them gradually more responsibility until they are doing everything you are doing…then begin releasing them to their own Mission (more on this later).

The Goal: Just as when we have "attained to the fullness of Jesus" we will know our Spiritual growth is completed, we know we've reached the goal of our mission in this world when this prophecy is fulfilled:

Php 2:10-11 "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God, the Father."

Until then, we still have a mission.

The Commitment:
1. Everywhere I go, I will be a living testimony of Jesus by my love and good deeds.
2. I have faith that Jesus will use my light to bring people to know and love Him and I will love, help and teach those people to live in Him.
3. I will search for those few who will be reliable to pass on this life in Jesus and I will help and encourage them to do so.

If you've prayed about the above statements and committed to God by answering "yes" to each one, congratulations. You are ready for the next session. If, for some reason, you feel you can't yet commit to one of these, don't worry. Just continue in the commitments you've already made and have faith Jesus will let you know when you're ready. He will complete His work in you.

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