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In Analysis Of The Last Supper we learn the dramatic truth that followers of Jesus, from the beginning, encountered intrigue, betrayal and fear. 

Analysis Of The Last Supper

Harmony Of The Gospels Series-38, Mt 26:20-35 & Jn 15:1-17

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Many of us go through most of our lives in a kind of joylessness. Some of the letters we get are so joyless they make me cry. We all go through periods of this, but to have it be the norm must be some form of hell. We all have problems to overcome, weight, finances, addictions of many sorts, emotional and physical disorders. Some, like me, are recovering from all of them. If we're not careful, these problems could rob us of the true joy that's available for us. We often think, if I could just lose that 75 pounds, or gain $ 75,000, then I'd have joy. If I could overcome this addiction or illness, my life would be a joy. If that person hadn't abused me or my spouse had been different, I could have a joyful life. The fact is, if we allow people or conditions or circumstances rob us of joy, we can lose the very strength God wants to give us to overcome our problem. "The joy of the Lord is my strength." If we were to live in joy, true joy, these problems of ours would seem insignificant. So how do we get this joy?

Jesus is teaching us that we can find joy in true love. All the romantics say, "You bet!" True love isn't as simple as romance. I've done a lot of marriage ceremonies, and I insist on lots of counseling for the couple, first. Some have had others do their marriage so they don't have to endure all the counseling I subject them to. I figure they'll need something to fall back on when the scales of self-delusion fall from their eyes about a year after the wedding. Before they're married, it's all, "She's the apple of my eye. He's the man of my dreams. She's my heart's desire. He fulfills my every need." They all expect their new soul-mate will bring complete joy to their lives. What they don't realize until about a year later is their mate has the same expectation of them. Once they, and we, come to the realization that joy won't come from another person…that's when true love can bring forth joy, if we're willing to travel the valley, because…

The road to Joy is through the valley of Sacrificial Love.

Our road will take us from the Table through the Teaching to the Testimony of Jesus' example.

1. The Table:

The first communion was anything but the celebration of unity and loving, intimate relationship our predecessors have portrayed it. The "Last Supper" paintings couldn't begin to capture the drama of the event. Try to put yourself in Jesus' shoes for a moment. You're having dinner with your 12 closest friends but you already know one has taken money to help people kill you tomorrow, 10 are going to abandon you between now and then, and the last one, your best friend, will say he never knew you. I know Jesus is fully God, but He's also fully man. Far from intimacy, He had to be feeling some powerfully painful conflicting emotions at the time. Judas was too busy acting like one of them and fearing discovery to get into the whole communal thing. With the betrayal intrigue, the misunderstood death wish of Jesus, and the argument over who will lead when He's gone, how could the other 11 ever be described as unified? No, this was far from intimate relationship as we understand it. Funny Jesus would use this event to introduce the concept of communion. But, maybe not so funny as things are unveiled in the Teaching and the Testimony.

Continued at Analysis Of The Last Supper-2

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