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In The Prophecy Of The Last Days, Jesus reveals what the end times will look like and challenges us to be about His business when He returns. 

Prophecy Of The Last Days

Harmony Of The Gospels Series-36, Mt 24

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This lesson, we're studying the most shocking thing Jesus ever said. Our study isn't for the faint of heart. If you have trouble with anxiety or depression, this teaching could heal you…or kill you. This week we're dealing with the biggest "what if" of all time. Many of us go around life wondering what we'll do if the IRS audits us, or our boss fires us, or we get in an auto accident, or we get cancer or a heart-attack. These are serious matters! Of course, the list of serious matters goes on and on. If you're one of the many millions suffering from anxiety, you know the list of potential catastrophes is endless. The sad thing about anxiety and depression is that our fear of all the bad things that could happen keeps us from letting any good things happen. We become one painful self-fulfilling prophecy. Here's something to worry about: What if we discover at the end that we spent our whole life worrying rather than living?

Our study will cover the greatest worries of our time, so, if you suffer from anxiety, just put your fears aside for a moment, because, by the time we're done today you'll know exactly what's going to happen. You'll also know that it's OK. Can you imagine considering death and destruction, violence and poverty, war and disease…and thinking everything will be OK? I promise you, everyone who believes in Jesus will come to that conclusion today. Please read Mt 24 before continuing. Jesus' teaching at the Temple shook the entire world of his followers. It begged the question from them…and from us…

What if your whole world disappears?

1. Past: What the disciples heard was shocking. We have trouble conceiving of how big an announcement it was to Israel. Today, in the US we're tempted to think, "So, a little temple would be destroyed and a tiny country scattered!" For them, then, it was their entire world. Jerusalem was the center of Israel's Political life, family life, economic life and religious life. The Temple was the symbol of everything that had ever been great about Israel. No one in the entire country could express their devotion to God without the Temple. This grand structure had just recently been finished and it was the pride and joy of everyone in Israel. That's probably why the disciples felt comfortable marveling at it to Jesus. They couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams what He said next.

'Nothing will be left of it,' He said, 'It's stones will be thrown down and all of Jerusalem will be scattered.' Try to imagine the shock and horror of it . For us in the U.S. it would be like hearing That Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles would be leveled, all headquarters of all the religions were sacked and burned and all the people were scattered. It's just difficult for us to approach what a huge revelation Jesus was making to His followers that day. They expected Him to be the Messiah, to save Israel from the "heathen" (us), and here He was saying that Israel will be destroyed, that their whole world would be gone, that they, themselves, would be hunted and whipped and killed. Whoopee! Where do I sign up? One of the true miracles was that anyone would continue following Him after that. Instead of leaving, they asked Him, "when will you return and bring in the new Kingdom?" His answer was depressing and…turned out to be misleading. Within a few years, most of the specific details had come true, so, from then until now, the correct answer is…He could return any day.

'The world won't have a clue, and no one knows the day of hour, but my followers will know when it's getting closer, just like you know when Spring is here.' The belief that Jesus would return any day was so strong, the Bible records Apostles calming impatient followers and debunking rumors that it had already happened. Since then, every major catastrophic event and every calendar milestone had with it, a large group of people who believed Jesus was about to return. We just went through one of those, with the Y2K thing. Anybody remember the book "1994"? Sep. 1994 was when Jesus was supposed to return. In Oct 1994, the author explained why he was off by a year. I imagine you can buy the book pretty cheap, now. I read another book that linked the Gulf War with the end of the world. Many remember the book "Late Great Planet Earth" where, if I remember right, the "common market" and the USSR were key players in the great battle to end the world and usher in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Now, neither of them exist but people are still quoting the author as some expert on the end times. Jesus laid out many specific and many general events to give us clues as to when the end is near.

Continued at Prophecy Of The Last Days-2

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