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In Jesus Calms the Sea we discuss our need for security and get a choice of where we want to live, in fear or in faith. In this well known event, Jesus teaches us where our real security comes from. 

Jesus Calms The Sea

Harmony Of The Gospels Series 17, Mk 4:35-41 (also Mt 8:23-27, Lk 8:22-25)

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Quick side-point: In the demoniac accounts, Mk 5 & Lk 8 say there was one demoniac and Mt 8 says there were two. Some say this is proof that God's Word isn't infallible or that the Bible isn't God's Word. How can all three accounts be true? My favorite of all the explanations is this: The Bible perfectly records the recollections of the disciples. If a couple disciples only saw one of the demoniacs, their account would be true even if there were actually two.

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Since 9-11, We've been in the middle of a great debate in the U.S. and maybe throughout the world. The debate revolves around the struggle between freedom and security. It plays out in thousands of individual situations. Privacy-vs-government surveillance. Recreation-vs-secure water storage. Free travel-vs-weapons inspections at transportation hubs. Open-vs-controlled borders with neighbors. Many seem to be catching on, that nothing we do can be enough. The solution with the greatest freedom and the greatest potential for security is to root out and destroy terrorist organizations. Even that, however, will never provide total security.

That's something we're having trouble wrapping our minds around. Our efforts will be very costly, in terms of freedom, money and lives, but cannot assure security. The nature of terrorism strikes at the place we're least prepared and there will always be such a place, and such people. The best we can do is minimize the threat. One of the strange things is, it has always been so. Those of you in Great Britain and in Israel know what I'm talking about. The world didn't change on Sep 11, 2001, just our perception of the world. We all had our denial forcefully removed. We now realize that we were always vulnerable to such attacks and will always be vulnerable. We're so vulnerable in so many ways, that institutions are built into the fabric of our lives to "protect" us. We buy life insurance, but does it insure life? No! Can Fire Departments keep fires from happening? Do Police prevent crime? No! They're here to help when these things happen. Auto insurance, health insurance, the military, motorcycle helmet, umbrella…none of these things stop the bad things-they only provide a small measure of comfort. Where can we find security, then? How can we ever know we're safe?

Our security doesn't reside in a bank. No human can fully protect us. No vault can prevent forced entry. No company can assure us against every risk. No government, no matter how strong, can protect us against all the possible calamities. No amount of money is enough. If we rely on people or things to make us secure, they will always fail us. This is a common thread throughout the history of every culture. Our Bible story, today, reveals to us…

Security is found only in Jesus.
We can choose two places to live…in fear or in faith.

1. In Fear: Mk 4:37-38 "A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, "Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?"

The threat to the disciples was real. The small manually propelled boats common to Galilee Lake would be at great risk in a large storm. With the waves high enough to "swamp" the boats, their deaths must have seemed imminent. Whatever their thoughts before this trip they had only one thought now, fear of impending doom. Their entire world had been changed in just a few moments. How often do we live our lives in fear of impending doom? A modern psychologist once said, "we don't look at our watches to see what time it is, we do it to make sure that everything is OK." Our fear is not just of mortality, but of everything. From the time our alarm (fear) goes off in the morning to the time we finally chase the last worry away and go to sleep, we live in fear of something. What if I'm late? What will they think of me? Will I get in an accident? Will my marriage continue? Will I lose my job? Will my teenagers stay off drugs? Are my children safe? Will my house catch fire? Can I get my family out? Can my savings handle college, retirement, medical, assisted living expenses? What if I catch the flu, pneumonia, diabetes, aids, cancer? What if I die?

Continued at Jesus Calms The Sea-2

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