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Destiny of Judas Iscariot and Mary takes on the whole issue of predestination and free will...One of the most controversial Christian issues, with Judas as poster child for both sides. 

Destiny Of Judas Iscariot And Mary

Harmony Of The Gospels Series-33, Mt 26:1-16 & Jn 12:1-8 (ref Mk 14:3-11)

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One of the major controversies in Christianity for the last 2,000 years is the issue of "God's will-vs-our will"...predestination-vs-self determination. One group says God predestined some to spend eternity in bliss with him…and some not. Another group says God gave people free will, to choose where to spend eternity and who to spend it with. Each group has their favorite Scriptures to defend their position and to attack their opponents. Neither group is willing to consider the other group's position. So, the controversy has gone on for 2,000 years. I searched for the top-selling books about Judas Iscariot and Jesus only to find many of them are promoting a non-Biblical "gospel" and other books that conflict with the Bible.  Make sure you're familiar with the Truth before spending much time wityh things claiming to be "new finds".  But this is more than just a debate topic. It gets into whether we should ask for certain things in prayer, fearing they may not be God's will. We begin even to wonder if we've been saved…or are we the ones destined for eternity without God? We start to question the "goodness" of a God who creates people who have no choice and are destined for eternal punishment. How is that fair? How can God love us if He's willing to do that? These are good questions. How can we reconcile this seeming contradiction in Scripture and come to understand God's goodness and love, again?

This "contradiction" is only eliminated when we accept that the only One with perfect knowledge is God. We have to be willing to accept that His Word is perfect…it can't contradict itself. Therefore, the only possible contradiction is in our interpretation. Now, we're in a position to eliminate false teachings of the past and see what His Word really says on the subject of destiny. Today's teaching shows how the will of man and the will of God work together. We're studying Mt 26:1-16 and Jn 12:1-8. Stop and read these Scriptures now, because you won't know what I'm talking about unless you do. Today's teaching is our final one before Jesus makes His "Royal" entry into Jerusalem. In our study, Jesus receives an act of love and sacrifice…and one of His own followers isn't very happy about it. This episode is major because it sets off a chain of events that ends in Jesus' death. What we'll learn from this story is:

God is so powerful, He allows our choices to accomplish His will.

1. Two Decisions: The Bible doesn't say that Mary knew the significance of her act. There are all kinds of wild speculation about this event, but very little that is supported by Scripture. Some say this Mary was a prostitute, and was easily able to purchase the perfumed oil. Others say Mary was the woman who suffered from perpetual bleeding, which, kinda' eliminates the prostitute theory. No one who is alive today knows. One thing the Bible does say was it was one huge gift. We just had Valentine's Day in the U.S. That's where many young men take about a day's wages ($75) and buy 12 dead flowers to give to some woman. This act of wastefulness is supposed to demonstrate their love for the woman. The perfume she poured on Jesus was worth a year's salary. Today, that would be about $ 35,000 in the U.S. That's a big gift! How long must it have taken her to get this perfume? Maybe she didn't save for it…maybe it was passed down from generation to generation in her family. What would have caused her to take this gift of such great value and pour it out? Did she think she was anointing the new King of Israel or did she already know it was for His burial, as Jesus later said? I believe she just chose to do the one thing she could think of to demonstrate the greatness of her love for Him, without knowing what it represented in the greater scheme of things. Whatever her reason, Mary's choice had universal and eternal consequences.

Continued at Destiny Of Judas Iscariot And Mary-2

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