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The Parable of the Sower is a story Jesus uses to teach us secrets of the kingdom of heaven. This sermon lesson covers how this and other parable stories involve us. 

The Parable Of The Sower And Other Parables

Harmony Of The Gospels Series 16, Mt 13 (parallel Mk 4:1-34, Lk 8:4-18)

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One of the most popular objects of public speculation, today, is heaven. Especially in these days of uncertainty, people want to know everything they can about it. Talk shows cover it, news programs, books and magazines, churches, cults…it seems everybody is getting into the act. They want to know everything Nostradamus wrote, some even want to know about Biblical prophecy concerning heaven, as long as no one suggests how they should live, now. People and organizations are making billions of dollars doing nothing but speculating on a subject they can't possibly know. People claiming to have had "near death" experiences are making millions off of people who are living a "near life" existence. According to the Bible, there's only one person in history who died and lived to talk about it. That was Jesus.  If you want to know more, try these best-selling books on the parable of the sower and kingdom parables.

Funny thing, most of the people who are so fascinated with heaven don't want to hear a word about what the only eye witness said about it. Because of that, Secrets about heaven revealed by Jesus 2,000 years ago remain secret. We're going to look at some of them, today. Some are surprising when we compare them to what we think we know about the kingdom of heaven. Read all of Mt 13. We have to keep remembering as we read it, that it's about the kingdom of heaven, because Jesus is talking almost entirely about things that are happening here and now, not in some distant time and place. 'Guess that's surprise number one. We're going to look at what Jesus revealed about heaven's soil, weeds, growth, and value. I'll remind you from time to time that we're talking about the kingdom of heaven, 'cause it's easy to forget. Then we'll come back to here and now, to apply what we've learned about heaven.

1.  Story of the Parable of the Sower-Soil Secret: vs 1-23 The story of the Sower is one of the most frequently taught and preached in history, probably because it's easy to say things about. Still, out of all the teaching, I've never heard one mention of the main point of the story. How strange! We've heard people elaborate in minute detail about the practices of farming in Palestine, the types of weeds, why seed would fall on the road, what causes some to produce 30 and others 100, etc. That's just empty talk, devoid of meaning. By the end of it all, we don't have any idea of what Jesus was saying. Let's cut through all the bull. Jesus said, 'good soil produces a crop'. That's where we need to live. We've heard teaching about evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, but here, Jesus makes it very clear, and everyone says, "Hush! You don't want to upset those who are pretending." Well, let those who have ears, hear…and not worry about those who don't. We each need to ask Him, "Lord, what am I producing?" This is important! If we're not good soil we need to let Him plough us up, clean us up and replant. Jesus uses the Sower story to introduce 6 other stories, each about "the kingdom of heaven". (see vs 11 & 16). It's not a coincidence that these stories are together. He wants us to know how important these things are. They are "secrets" (vs 11 & 35) to the kingdom of heaven.

2. Wheat and Tares Parable-Weed Secret:  vs 24-30 & 37-43 In the 'wheat and weeds' story, Jesus said the wheat represented His followers and the weeds represented the devil's followers. Ever wonder why so many bad and unfair things happen even though Jesus came to save the world? We're all asking that a lot since 9-11. Jesus told us that there's weeds in the wheat! Wonder why our governments make stupid mistakes? Weeds in the wheat. Wonder why our ministry organizations so easily get off track and sometimes do evil things, hurting thousands of people? Weeds! Why won't people grow up and become the humble servants they're supposed to be? Weeds! We can see the wheat and weeds play out in daily activities internationally, nationally, locally, in every sector and group. We're beginning to worry about people infiltrating our society to bring about terrorism. There is no question society must deal with these individuals and nations.

Continued at Parable Of The Sower And Others-2

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